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Best-Selling Promotional Products for Thanksgiving

19th August 2022 in Days of the year

Thanksgiving is coming around fast! It’s a uniquely American day and provides a fantastic chance to market your business or organization amidst cheer and celebrations – and that’s why you’re here reading this, no doubt! But, before we explain the many promotional products for Thanksgiving that we stock here at EverythingBranded, seeing as we’re all in a good mood let’s take a moment to impress you with some seasonal trivia so you can impress your friends or family this year!


1. What is Thanksgiving?

Well, you should know this! In case you don’t, it’s our annual celebration of the harvest and other blessings during the previous year. It’s a special time when we come together and share a big meal with family or friends, as well as parades and sports.


2. When did Thanksgiving begin?

The pioneer colonists in New England observed regular thanksgivings for safe journeys, military successes, and abundant harvests. What we know as our Thanksgiving is based on a three-day harvest feast in 1621, shared between English colonists and native Americans.


3. What does Mary Have a Little Lamb have to do with Thanksgiving?

Nothing directly, though it’s a strong connection. After many years of persistent lobbying, writer Sarah Josepha Hale convinced Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving an official national holiday. Lincoln wrote the proclamation a week after receiving a letter in 1863, earning her the name the Mother of Thanksgiving. Amongst other things Hale wrote the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb.


4. POTUS pardons a turkey – but why?

For centuries, Presidents have been gifted a turkey to eat at Thanksgiving. JFK pardoned one in 1963, and in the 1970s it became quite common to spare the turkey. In 1989, during George H. W. Bush’s tenure, a ceremonial ‘pardon’ was issued to the turkey, and this has continued and become a favorite tradition.


5. How many turkeys are consumed each Thanksgiving?

Approximately 50 million turkeys are tabled for families and friends to enjoy each Thanksgiving. In addition, around 50 million pumpkin pies are eaten too. But not everyone cooks turkey for Thanksgiving – 12% of American households opt for something else instead.


6. Is it true pumpkin pie once caused a Thanksgiving postponement?

Yes it is! Colchester in Connecticut postponed the holiday in 1705 because poor weather had delayed their molasses shipment. Without molasses pumpkin pie couldn’t be made - and without pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving!


7. OK but what does Thanksgiving have to do with Promotional Products?

We’re sure there are a few bits of interesting info there for bringing out at the Thanksgiving meal, so how about we now take a look at some of the products EverythingBranded has to offer to make this special time of year a celebration of your brand?

Perhaps you’re in business, or perhaps you are a civic organization such as a school or community center. Perhaps you’re a restaurant, bar, club, or café. Whatever you are, Thanksgiving merchandise is a really smart move as everyone’s attention will be naturally attuned to the season and it’ll make sure you get noticed.

Everyone loves freebies, so thanksgiving promo items could be handed out at events and conferences, and if they’re useful for people that’s even better. Things like turkey keychains with your logo printed on them are going to help raise brand awareness all year round as people need these items every day.


Here are our five favorite items suitable for Thanksgiving promotions…

  1. With your logo printed beneath a Thanksgiving message, packs of Pumpkin Seeds are a good way to send happy greetings, and gifting these to customers, clients and friends is a really tasteful way to recognize the celebration. Maybe they’ll plant these and next year make their pie from them!
  2. Winter is coming, and so choosing Knitted Beanies with your logo embroidered onto them is going to mean great Thanksgiving swag. Available in a range of colors, these fashionable double striped beanies 100% acrylic and perfect for winter activities, outdoor winter sports, hiking, camping and travel purposes.
  3. Of course, as family and friends gather round the table there’s going to be some drinking involved – so a really useful Thanksgiving promotional gift is a Bottle Opener. With your logo printed on it, everyone at the table is going to notice your brand.
  4. If you’re in the business world and would like to give your customers or clients something at the executive level, a pen is usually a fantastic way to go amongst custom Thanksgiving corporate gifts. This Belmont Executive Pen is stylish and elegant and will send a message to the recipient that you truly value them.
  5. If you’re looking for a bit of fun, how about this Turkey Stress Reliever – perfect for sending to people to use to wind down after the hard work that has gone into making their Thanksgiving meal a success. A great item for showing a sense of humor and so bonding with customers, clients, and friends.

Whatever you choose, when you’re ready just give our team a call and they’ll be happy to generate a quote for you. Happy holidays everyone!

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