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August is National Golf Month!

3rd August 2022 in Sport & fitness

In 1904 the novelist Harry Leon Wilson wrote that golf involves “too much walking to be a good game, and just enough game to spoil a good walk”. Ever since, it’s been a much-quoted line that pokes fond fun at one of the world’s favorite leisure pursuits. Golf is a simple game played by 25 million people in the USA alone (according to recent research). That is a lot of people – and so it’s also a lot of marketing opportunity...

Close your eyes and imagine a modern golfer… Undoubtedly, he or she will have an array of accessories and peripherals with them as they make their way round the course and back to the clubhouse. Their bag, their shirt, their gloves, their cap, their towel, their water bottle, their clubs, their club covers, their umbrella, their golf balls and even the tees they use.

Here at EverythingBranded we stock a large array of promotional golf products which are ripe for your branding - whether you’re merchandising for your golf event, looking for accessories to sell or need to find gifts to give out to customers and friends. Our items are at different price points, so there’s always something suitable and within cost reach whatever your business, organization, or campaign.

Perhaps you are a company that is in some way directly involved in golf – a course or training center, or perhaps there is an event you have organized. You would definitely benefit from custom promo items for golfers branded with your logo. If all of your equipment and accessories carry your brand identity, it immediately offers a professional aesthetic and can generate a really organized feel. Being methodical and precise is very important to golfers, so this kind of overall ‘neatness’ absolutely matters.


You don’t have to be a pro-golfer to love golf merchandise either...


On the other hand, you could be a ‘crazy golf’ sort of outfit, with 9 novelty holes for happy holidaymakers to play through. Though your course may just be for fun, you could still benefit from paying some attention to your merchandise. Perhaps you could give away a golf ball with your logo on it as a souvenir to everyone who plays, or offer some useful everyday items for sale at the end of a round – a mug, a pen, a keychain, branded golf umbrellas, printed golf balls etc.

You don’t necessarily have to be a golf business or organization, either. Although it’s a game which can be – and is – played by people from all walks of life, golf has always been incredibly popular amongst the corporate executive class. This makes golf merchandise a really smart choice for corporate gifting. Does a CEO really want yet another glass paperweight, or would they be really impressed to receive a golf ball pen set for the office, a putting mat (maybe also for the office!) or a colored golf umbrella designed to match with the aesthetics of your brand (for those rainy days out on the course). Maybe even a ball inlaid glass (for that post-round fun at the nineteenth hole)!

One of the beauties of golf is that it can be a highly social activity, with groups of friends or colleagues going for a game together. But it’s also possible to play a round on your own. Either way, in the end in golf the only significant opponent is yourself, as you try to put your experience and the things you’ve learned into practice to perfect your game. With all of the accessories and peripherals associated with that particular personal journey, marketing a business, organization or campaign to golfers is the above par way to raise brand awareness!

If you would like a quote on some promotional golf merchandise, feel free to contact the team at EverythingBranded and we’ll generate on for you.

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