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Keeping Hydrated When Playing Sports with Branded Drinkware

26th July 2022 in Sport & fitness

It’s important that everyone is mindful of keeping themselves hydrated. Dehydration has a massive impact on the body’s capacity for performance at expected standards, particularly in sport - but it is also dangerous in all other areas of life. The effects of dehydration can be very serious. As we have become increasingly aware of what we can do to counteract this, water bottles have become a much more visible accessory.

In a moment we’ll take at look at the products stocked by EverythingBranded which are vital to keeping hydrated – water bottles – or which have great potential for marketing at sports events. These are promotional products on which your business, organization, campaign, or sports club can have logos printed. Custom water bottles will be used daily, and the effect will be increased brand awareness.

But before we run through some of our favorite promotional sports bottles, let’s talk a little bit about dehydration and the problems it can cause sportsmen and athletes - and, actually, anyone else doing physical activities or going about their business.


What is dehydration?

Put simply, it’s when the body loses more fluids than it takes in. Although human beings are mostly made of water, there has to be a constant cycle of replenishment. When the body is deprived of an adequate amount of water there are consequences. Headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, and sleepiness are just the start of it. Your total blood volume decreases, thereby causing reduced blood flow to skin and muscles.

This means higher body temperature, higher heart rate, reduced sweat rate, increased muscle use and a heightened perception of effort (so difficult things seem much more difficult than usual). A mere 2% - 3% reduction in body weight due to fluid loss is enough to adversely affect those playing sports or doing athletics: Reduced concentration, impaired deployment of skills and lower physical performance.

At its most extreme, dehydration can also eventually lead to severe complications such swelling of the brain, kidney failure, shock, coma – and, in severe cases, even death.

Regular sipping or drinking of water (or rehydration drink) keeps the body working. In sports activities there may well be a bespoke schedule for the timing and fluid amount of these intakes, which has been drawn up alongside close monitoring of activity against key indicators of dehydration (weight, urine color and thirst).

In ‘real life’ people tend to carry around a water bottle and drink from it when they feel it necessary...


Promotional Water Bottles at EverythingBranded

Whether your business is a gym, a sports club or an athletics club, or fun run event or even a school sports day, branding up promotional water bottles with your logo is a great way to get your message out there. Water bottles are everywhere at sporting events, and there’s probably no greater visibility than on this kind of accessory.

You don’t have to be a business directly involved in sports or athletics either. You could decide to sponsor the water bottles at a charity sports event or simply use them as an opportunity to get your brand identity racing along.


We stock a vast variety of water bottles, but three of our favorites are:

  1. This customizable plastic water bottle. Fuss free with decent capacity, it’s perfect for athletes, runners, bikers, gym-goers, or anyone else looking to stay properly hydrated. It’s available in several colors, so it can be easily customized to match up with your brand. Perfect as promotional items for gyms to use as giveaways or to put on sale.
  2. For something with a little more of a quality feel, these Tipton stainless steel bottles have a spill-resistant screw lid, a wide mouth opening and an easy carry handle. When printed with your logo or messaging they give a strong impression of professionalism, so your brand will be well represented.
  3. These 60oz Athlete plastic water bottles have a cool look with high capability! Available in clear, gray, or smoke colors they have a strong and cool look and will quietly draw plenty of attention for your brand!


In addition to branded water bottles, if you’re a gym, sports or athletics club, fun run event or school sports day – or any other kind of business looking to put some branding into the activity arena – then there are other products you could consider for your marketing. Branded items for sports clubs and gyms are going to be seen by a lot of people.

Items such as lanyards and wristbands, t-shirts and caps are perfect for the organizers of runs and other events, drawstring bags are great for athletes to stow minimal kit, and things like mugs, keychains and pens are perfect for your gym or sports club to use as giveaways or small sale items.

Keep hydrated – and keep your marketing requirements here! If you’re interested in any of the things we’ve mentioned in this article as potential tools to help raise your profile, or if you’re a club looking to stock up on essentials, simply get in touch with the EverythingBranded team and we’ll generate a quote for you.

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