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Utilizing Promotional Sporting Items for Your Business

20th August 2022 in Sport & fitness

Sports is big business. There’s no getting round the fact that our greatest pastimes are also our greatest marketing opportunities. So many people are regularly involved in some form of amateur or professional sport, whether as a participant, player, or spectator - so that means a huge number of potential customers.

You could be a sports arena or other venue, a club, a gym, a sports team, a sports equipment business or store, a school or college sports society, a community venture or an informal group of friends who regularly meet to play in the park. Whatever your involvement in sports, marketing using promotional sporting products is a highly effective way to spread the word. Products with your logo, emblem or messaging printed on them are going to be eye-catching and raise brand awareness, and it doesn’t matter whether the items are practical or just for fun.

It doesn’t matter which sport, either. It could be any of our top five – football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey or soccer. It could be any of the other sports played up and down our land – golf, tennis, motorsports, boxing etc. Every sport we play, or watch has necessary equipment or accessories and a lot of associated merchandise, which presents a lot of possible logo visibility. So, from customizable sports balls to fun items for fans like thundersticks all the way through to actual gameplay baseballs or personalized sports kits, there are literally hundreds of promotional sports items which can be branded – and that’s a big win for your business or organization already!

There is so much marketing going on around sports - whether at actual events, or through TV and in the press, on billboards and via the hundreds of bits of merchandise we see each week when we’re out and about (trainers at the gym, bags in the mall etc). It’s a vast market and you should definitely look to get your brand into it.


Our Top 5 Promotional Sports Items


  1. A Sports Duffel Bag is a must for almost everyone involved in sports. A bag is necessary for keeping kit as well as other accessories and essentials safe during travel or between games, so why not provide one which has your logo printed on it. When it’s being carried around people will see your brand.
  2. This six-panel cotton twill baseball or golf cap is perfect for presenting your logo at more-or-less eye level, so it’s a really noticeable item and will make sure your message is loud and clear. With 8,000 stitch embroidery included in the price, this is a sports staple which should be near the top of your list.
  3. It can get tense when fans are watching their team. A big win can be a few seconds or a single play away, and there’s stress involved in willing them to victory! Why not brand up some of these fun Sports Stress Balls so they have something to squeeze to relieve the tension? Branded sports balls with a difference!
  4. Staying hydrated is really important for players and fans alike, so Water Bottles are always popular – and this stainless steel one is a really attractive way to reach your audience. It’s available in several different colors, so you’ll be able to pick to closely match your club colors or your organization’s brand identity.
  5. An important part of sports is the atmosphere generated by supporters, and any help they can get to increase it is welcome! These Hand Clappers are perfect for showing off your team spirit - and when they’re printed with a logo they’ll make a really loud noise on behalf of your business!


There are actually hundreds of promotional sporting products which are suitable for any business or organization even remotely connected to sport to use to market themselves. Even the small local team will see an upwards trend after printing their logo on promo sports merch or accessories.

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