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Halloween Office Decorations

11th September 2018 in Days of the year


You probably spend enough time at your office to deem it your second home, so it’s important to create an atmosphere within it that is positive, as well as fun and motivating. Getting creative with your Halloween office decorations is a great way to bring a bit of laughter and team spirit into your workplace!

After Christmas, Halloween is perhaps the most festive time of year. Halloween is the second most commercial holiday after Christmas. In the US alone, consumers spend around 6 billion on costumes and candy just for this one event. Bringing Halloween office decorations into the workplace is not only fun, it can encourage higher levels of camaraderie and team spirit that may need a boost after the busy summer months. Decorating your office space for Halloween shows colleagues that you are up for a bit of a laugh without breaking the bank.

It’s time to get ready for Halloween with these clever, fun and witty Halloween office decorations!


If colleagues aren’t willing to decorate for Halloween, do it for them! They will enjoy the gesture as well as the fun atmosphere you’ve created for them.


If the Halloween spirit isn’t shared by the rest of your co-workers, do not despair! Create your own Halloween world in your own workspace!


If colleagues are struggling with a heavy workload and unable to partake with decorating the office, why not indulge them with a creative Halloween snack. They are bound to appreciate the gesture as well as earn you a number of laughs!


Decorating your office for Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank.  Get creative with tape, paper or even a pair of old pants!


Creating a spooky atmosphere doesn’t mean covering the whole office in decorations, why not identify one particularly used/visible area such as the office entrance or a large blank wall and focus your attention on that.


Don’t hold back your artistic urges. Give the office a definite thematic feel. This can also be an office competition!


Bring the fun to your desk and create your own personal, miniature Halloween tribute!


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