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Celebrating World Teacher’s Day with Promotional Products

5th October 2022 in Days of the year

There’s no getting away from the fact that teachers work hard and deserve recognition for encouraging nurturing our children. World Teachers’ Day, held annually on 5th October since 1994, celebrates all educators around the globe, recognizing their contribution to the lives of our children in ensuring they have the tools they need to take responsibility for themselves and others, plus the planet, in their adulthood. The day also reflects on the support teachers need to fully deploy their talent and vocation and is a chance to focus on rethinking the way ahead for the teaching profession, globally.

From a marketing perspective, World Teachers Day is a great time to also turn your focus towards promoting your educational establishment (or related business, event, or campaign) with some customized merchandise.

For example, stationery which has been printed with the name of your school or college along with the motivational motto is a great way to get your message out there and remind people of what it is that you are delivering. Similarly, you could be the organizer of some sort of educational conference or school fundraiser – and kind of event, in fact – and you will find that the benefits of merchandizing using personalized items for events can really help generate interest, or support.

You could opt for custom pens and pencils. Logo printed stationery such as notebooks and folders, or even printed hoodies. The fact is, there are many different sorts of stationery product which could prove suitable for your school or college (or other education-related business), and we’ll run through some of our favorites here.


Our Favorite National Teacher’s Day Promotional Products


  1. The Advantage Retractable Pen is a classically simple retractable which will put your brand directly into your customers' hands each time they reach for it to write. It features a plunge-action top and is a highly useful product to use to market your school or college, as it’s fuss-free and can be customized with an imprint of your name and logo. Because people need pens every day, there’s an extremely high likelihood that your ‘brand’ will be seen almost all the time, and by people other than the initial user too.
  2. Sticking with pens, for now, this custom branded Colored Grip Gel Pen is plunger action with a colorful grip which can be customized with your printed information. Due to the different colors available you should be able to find something which easily matches up with your school or college’s already existing visual identity. These pens are simple but suggest a certain style and are great marketing tools to raise awareness of what you do.
  3. People always need something to keep their pens and pencils in, whether they’re pupils at your establishment or not. So, a Zippered Pencil Case is a great promotional option. Your logo or motto or message can be printed on the outside and will always look impressive.
  4. Despite the modern move towards using the Notes facilities on our cellphones, there’s no real substitute for the physical hard copy of those bits of information we all like to keep. This means that the humble notebook is always going to be a winner in terms of reaching people and making the right impression – particularly if the notebook is a hardback, as that absolutely projects confidence, competence and total reliability, all keystones in your image. This Hardcover Notebook with Elastic Band is ideal.
  5. To really go the extra miles in marketing, it’s the aim to turn people into brand ambassadors so that they’ll promote your business (or other organization) when they’re out and about. Offering something really useful is a smart move. Everyone likes freebies, but particularly if they’re as desirable as a hoodie. This BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Long Sleeve Hoodie is a real statement piece, and a fantastic way to get your message across.

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