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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Water Bottles

2nd September 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

Water is, of course, absolutely essential to life on Earth. It’s our ‘source material’ to an extent – adult human beings are basically 60% water (and newborn babies are a staggering 80%). That doesn’t mean there are loose liters of the stuff sloshing around inside a solid structure, because the whole set-up is much more cellular than that!

Water is an essential component in all parts of the body: Both the brain and heart are approximately 73% water, muscles and kidneys are both around 79%, bones are 31%, the skin is 64% and – would you believe it? – even the lungs are heavily H20, at 83%. Drinking water helps maintain the necessary balance of body fluids. It clears out toxins, keeps skin supple, energizes muscles, lubricates joints, prevents infections, carries nutrients to the brain, keeps kidneys working correctly, helps maintain good bowel function, improves sleep quality and mood, amongst many other things.

Now we’ve bamboozled you with a few stats and facts about the importance of water to life, let’s remind you that regular replenishment is an absolute must to avoid dehydration. One way to make sure you maintain sufficient water flowing through your system each day is to drink regularly from a water bottle you carry with you. Carrying your own supply, rather than having to wait until you can find one, is a really smart move. The water bottle is an accessory which has become much more prevalent in the last couple of decades, as an increasing number of people tune in to things they can do to improve their fitness and health.


Promotional water bottles

From a marketing perspective the humble water bottle opens up a whole new set of possibilities - and increased brand awareness will fountain!

Whatever your business, organization, campaign, charity or event, custom water bottles will provide you with a reliable tool to use as part of your marketing plan. With so many people conscious of staying hydrated and taking custom water bottles with them wherever they go – in their professional lives as well as personal – your logo or message will be highly visible in all sorts of environments, and your brand will reach people you otherwise might not.

Schools, colleges, university campuses, offices, workshops, stores, canteens, studios, on the street, at the mall, in markets, on the sports field, in the park, at rallies or conferences… The list of locations in which a water bottle with your logo on it could be noticed is just about endless. If you’re looking for a product with genuine reach, the personalized water bottle really is amongst the best you can get.


What kind of company uses branded water bottles?

Almost any company or organization you can think of - in any industry - is going to benefit from using custom water bottles as part of a promotional campaign or as a soft marketing tool – and that means yours, too. Having your logo printed onto water bottles means there will be a lot of bottles out there in the world acting as mini-ambassadors for your brand – particularly if you offer quality in terms of high functionality or attractive bottle design, which will make people drawn to use yours over others.

The types of business or organization which, more than others, may choose to use custom water bottles as their main promotional offer include any connected to sports (baseball and football teams, boxing clubs, fan clubs, school societies, gyms, weight-training facilities, and equipment, clothing, and sports-shoe manufacturers etc).

Other businesses which can benefit greatly from bottles are schools, colleges, universities, and civic organizations where some form of activity takes place or where small-sale souvenirs might be used – fire departments looking to raise funds, etc. Charities, of course, offer ranges of merchandise for sale in fundraising drives and water bottles emblazoned with their logos are often desirable as people like to show which charity or social campaign they’re supporting. In a way you could even argue that water bottles are like the old lapel badges of the ‘60s and ‘70s counterculture!

The reach of water bottles stretches far. When you go to a concert by any band or artist, or to a touring musical, circus, or theater show, you’re likely to see them offered on the merchandise table. The entertainment industry is in love with water bottles as everyone in it knows that fans love to collect merch associated with their favorite band, artist, touring show, musical, film or TV show etc...


What types of water bottle can I get?

In terms of what the bottles are made of there are four main types:

  • Steel: Due to their rugged and durable nature, stainless steel water bottles are a good choice for anyone undertaking activities in the great outdoors (ramblers, hikers, sports people). Steel can also hold the temperatures of the water within it for longer than other types of bottle.
  • Glass: Perhaps the most beautiful of the materials a bottle can be made of glass is hard and sleek and, with a logo printed on it, looks great. However, glass is fragile and will break if dropped or knocked – so this type of bottle is better for indoor use, such as the office or home.
  • Aluminum: Light and practical, aluminum water bottles are great for anyone involved and on-the-go in athletic activity, including cyclists. Aluminum is rust-proof though it doesn't have the strength of steel (nor its insulating qualities) but it’s cheaper and easier to carry due to its weight.
  • Plastic: Highly convenient and inexpensive, plastic water bottles are a popular choice. In these increasingly aware times, however, other options may suit your brand image a little better from an environmental perspective – though there are eco-friendly options (recycled plastic etc).

In addition to these, however, there are also some less common offers – including ceramic bottles with a bamboo lid, or stainless steel bottles with a bamboo outer

Many water bottles are not just a basic cylinder for housing liquid and have added features which make the drinking experience a little more streamlined. There are, for example, several different types of lid for access to the water inside:

  • Flip-top lid
  • Screw-on lid
  • Push-button lid
  • One-way valve
  • Built-in straw lid
  • Push / pull spout
  • Flip-up spout

You may also find that it’s necessary for accessories as well as the actual water bottles themselves – and with good reason. For instance, some people will need to be ‘hands free’ but have their bottle with them while they’re walking or running. This fanny pack has a bottle holder, this buckle band can be attached to the bottle and your belt (or bag strap) and these water bottle holders can be slipped over your neck or shoulder for easy carrying.

Despite all of the different materials and different drinking methods of the water bottles on offer from EverythingBranded (not to mention all of the different colors, shapes, and sizes available), one overall thing always applies: Your logo will look fantastic when it’s printed on a water bottle.


Here are 5 of our favorite water bottles…

  1. These Gym Water Bottles with a Carrying Loop are perfect for when you’re headed out to pump iron or lift some weights – and, actually, when you’re undertaking any sports like activity. The bottles feature a large imprint area which is perfect for maximizing your logo design, and with the translucent body available in a variety of colors you’re sure to find something to match your already existing brand identity. Perfect for visibility at the gym or company picnics, marathons, football, or baseball matches and more!
  2. With a fuss-free shape, this Stainless Steel Water Bottle offers a cool aesthetic while you’re using it to keep cool! It has a 450ml capacity and due to the material it’s made from it will keep your water at a desired low temperature for longer, as well as looking great with your logo printed on it.
  3. A similarly ice-cool aesthetic can be found with this 600ml Glass Bottle, which is perfect for around the home or for taking in to the office each day. It looks fine and feels great in the hand and features single wall construction and your choice of colored plastic lid (which can also be utilized as a carrying handle). This bottle is also dishwasher safe, so when you’re done with it for the day you don’t have to worry about rinsing it out yourself!
  4. If aluminum is your material of choice, this Serene Bottle is a great choice. It’s stylish-looking, making the most of the aesthetic qualities of its durable aluminum body and BPA-free polypropylene screw-on lid (with integrated carrying loop). A choice of four understated colors means your school, sports team, organization, or company can build a cool custom water bottle for use in your marketing or social activities and events.
  5. The Corsa Double-Wall Ceramic Bottle with Bamboo Lid is a must for any business or organization looking to make a particularly tasteful statement. It’s a really attractive bottle, made of heavy-duty ceramic, and features a real bamboo lid. The bottle is available in polished and sleek white or black and will certainly make your brand stand out as something special.

Remember, whatever material you choose to use for your custom water bottles, the chances are that your logo will be seen all over the place. As more and more people become accustomed to the good sense in carrying one around with them all day every day, your business or organization can capitalize on this marketing real estate and increase your brand visibility! You’ll do more than just keep your head above water!

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