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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Tumblers

20th December 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

Why should you choose custom tumblers?

If you're looking for a way to promote your brand and get ahead of the competition, custom tumblers are the perfect solution. Not only are they good-looking they're an inexpensive, but effective way also to get your name out there and into the mind of potential customers.

Custom tumblers are an extremely popular promotional product due to their versatility and functionality. They can be used while out on a walk, at your desk or even at home when you want your beverage to stay warmer for that extra bit longer. One of the reasons people love them so much is because they're great for drinking hot or cold beverages on the go. They also make great promotional gifts because they're easy for recipients to carry around with them and they don't take up much space. Another great thing about customized tumblers is that they're virtually indestructible! You can drop them, throw them into a bag and forget about them for a couple of weeks without worrying about them getting damaged during transit or storage.

Let’s admit it we all want our promotional products to look great wherever they are positioned, and custom tumblers have the power to do all that and more! Simply leaving one of your customized tumblers on the side of your desk or your kitchen counter is a surefire way to create impressions, boost brand exposure and improve recall for your business or organization at a low, affordable price.

Why custom tumblers are the best form of promotional drinkware

1. They’re cost-effective

When purchased in bulk custom tumblers are a great option for businesses and organizations that want their marketing budget to be stretched as far as possible. With so many different options for customized tumblers here at EverythingBranded you are sure to find something that perfectly fits within your budget. However, if you have a little more money to spend on your own range of custom tumblers, we highly recommend that you go with stainless steel tumblers as they are much more durable, insulating and give off a higher price perception to recipients helping to boost your brand reputation in return.

2. They’re durable

Custom tumblers are durable, meaning they last longer than other types of promotional products and can be used on a regular basis without having to worry about them breaking or cracking easily. This is important because if you are using them as a promotional item for your business, you want people to actually use them as the more they are seen out and about by other people the more impressions will be created for your brand. Alongside this the better-quality materials, your custom tumblers are made from a better reputation they will create for your business or organization as it shows you invest in your brand image and actually care about how your brand is promoted and shown to the world.

3. They’re versatile

Unlike a lot of other promotional items, custom tumblers are incredibly versatile and can be used in a whole host of places whether they are outdoors or indoors. This is a huge beneficial factor to your marketing campaign as the more places that your range of customized tumblers can be seen by new and existing customers the more impressions they can create for your business or organization. Custom tumblers are also less likely to be thrown away and instead passed on to others as recipients see value within the product for the practicality they carry.

4. They make great gifts

Let’s admit it when companies give out certain promotional products such as custom stress balls, we may be a little reluctant to take them or continue using them in the long term as we don’t view, them as useful or highly beneficial to our daily routine. However, custom tumblers can help businesses and organizations overcome this issue as individuals will always need to ensure they stay hydrated throughout their daily lives and shifts at work. And with so many different types of customizable tumblers available on our website no matter what industry or sector you find yourself in there is sure to be something perfect for your target audience.

5. They can be environmentally friendly

Handing out customized tumblers to your clients and colleagues is a great way to reinforce environmental practices within your workplace as they help remove the demand for plastic water bottles. Custom tumblers can also be used throughout daily life due to their lightweight and transportable meaning recipients will never have to worry about being dehydrated while out on the move again. The reusable nature of customized tumblers also benefits your brand as it shows that you’re an eco-conscious business that is actively making an effort to cut down waste within your work environment. In addition to the positive reputation, customized tumblers can bring to your brand a lot of them are BPA-free (don’t contain any harmful chemicals that may be ingested) meaning they also contribute to improving the overall health of your customers and employees!

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