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How to Use Custom Water Bottles to Enhance Your Brand

18th December 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

When it comes to giving away promotional products you want to do it in the right way and what’s a better way to show off your business or organization than printing your brand’s logo on a high-quality custom water bottle? Customized water bottles are great for keeping your brand cool while simultaneously remaining a hot item when it comes to choosing the goods and services you offer.

Custom water bottles are incredibly versatile and can be used in any marketing campaign no matter what industry or sector your company finds itself within. Whether you are giving away customized water bottles as onboarding gifts, in event goodie bags, as a giveaway present or simply as part of a brand refresh customized water bottles are guaranteed not to let you or your marketing goals down.

With so many options to choose from when it comes to creating your own range of custom water bottles here at EverythingBranded, you are sure to find something that perfectly encapsulates your business or organization's branding, logo and message without having to worry about breaking the bank or unsuccessfully meeting your marketing goals. Not only can you match your business or organization's colors with your custom water bottles you can determine the size, functionality and material by simply browsing through our fantastic selection of customizable water bottles and choosing the one that speaks to you and that is within your marketing budget.

If you are unsure on how to find a cause or reason for handing out your own range of customized water bottles don’t fear! Here are numerous ways that you can use custom water bottles to enhance your brand.

Employee rewards

Often businesses and organizations find themselves only handing out onboarding gifts causing existing employees to feel left out and slightly frustrated. Existing employees deserve treats just as much as new employees do and custom water bottles are a fantastic way to help combat this inequality and help boost your brand’s exposure, awareness and recall at the same time. Whether you hand out customized water bottles to employees that reach certain milestones or just to employees that need a little motivation boost, promotional products are a great cost-effective marketing tool for any business or organization.

Customized water bottles also look fantastic on the side of any office desk and have the ability to unintentionally create impressions and reinforce your brand’s image while boosting your brand’s visibility, awareness and exposure.

Event goodie bags

With the return of networking events such as tradeshows and exhibitions now is a great time to get involved by handing out goodie bags filled with customized goodies such as custom water bottles, stress balls and writing utensils. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, goodie bags are most certainly the route you should take when it comes to promoting your business or organization.

Custom water bottles are an ideal option when it comes to choosing what promotional items you want to place inside your goodie bags as it’s easy to find customized merchandise but it’s significantly harder to find customized merchandise that is long-lasting and high-quality such as custom water bottles.

One place we recommend you hand out these custom goodie bags besides tradeshows and exhibitions is at charity events such as fundraisers and marathons. Not only will this help you build brand awareness and boost brand exposure it will provide your business with a positive image as you show your support for important charitable causes by handing out customized water bottles ideal for staying hydrated and refreshed.

Client gift bags

Ensuring that your customers feel valued and cared for is a vital part of building your business or organization’s customer loyalty and improving customer retention. Providing clients with gift bags filled with promotional goodies such as custom water bottles is a surefire way to show where your priorities truly are while continuing to promote your brand in a subtle but practical way successfully boosting brand exposure, visibility and recall.

If you are a company that offers memberships customized water bottles offer the perfect incentive when it comes to encouraging people to take the plunge and sign up for your goods or services as they receive something back for making a commitment to your business or organization that can help them combat thirstiness and stay hydrated.


Let’s face it, it can be nerve-wracking starting a new job. So, why not make it easier for your new starters and make them feel welcomed by gifting them with their own range of promotional products helping them to successfully integrate within your company and motivating them to get their ‘A game’ on when it comes to getting down to business.

Squeezing a custom water bottle within your new starter's welcome pack is a fantastic way to ensure they stay focused and hydrated while at work and out and about. Not to mention customized water bottles also look great on the side of any office desk and can help boost your brand’s exposure and awareness to new and existing customers who may find themselves stumbling into your office.


Whether we’d like to admit it or not, sometimes the best thing to do when it comes to the next step in your business or organization is implementing a rebrand. Rebranding your business or organization is far from simple in most cases and can be hard to maintain for even the most dedicated of business owners. But with the help of promotional products this complicated situation can be eased and sped up in no time.

By getting your new colors and logo out there on custom water bottles you can ensure you stay in the mind of your new and existing customers with a refreshed twist!

No matter what reason you choose to hand out your own range of customized water bottles you can be sure to receive high-quality products from EverythingBranded. Browse our vast website and once you are ready to order contact us and one of our friendly and efficient sales team members will be right there to guide you throughout the entire process and generate you a quote.

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