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Custom Coffee Mugs for Your Business

17th November 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

When it’s time for your business or organization to stock up on promotional mugs for marketing campaigns, there are a few things worth considering – and here at EverythingBranded we’ve decided to list them all for you


1. Choice

The first and in some ways most important ‘rule’ when picking out custom coffee mugs is to make sure that your potential choice is suitable for your business or organization. By this we mean make sure the mug ‘fits’ the brand aesthetic and won’t stand out as something anachronistic or inappropriate. For example, if your brand is tasteful and always carefully presents itself, looking after each and every detail of a modest and understated image, then it’s unlikely you’re going to opt for novelty-shaped custom mugs which scream out in bright colors. Similarly, if you’re a firmly indoor-based business then picking tin travel mugs is not quite reflective of your brand so in some ways could sit at odds to your purpose.


2. Color

Speaking of color, sometimes less is more. Choosing to print your logo onto custom coffee mugs in a single color can not only be more cost-effective than opting for full color, it can also be a smart aesthetic decision. A bold logo in, say, white on a black mug is going to stand out in a way that a multi-colored logo might not. In terms of the color of the mug itself, really, the decision here should be informed by your brand guidelines. Picking a mug to stay within the appropriate palate is the right thing to do.


3. Consistency

Here’s a tip that’s general to all of your promotional merchandise, not just customized coffee mugs. Make sure that your logo remains consistent across everything – as should any other aspect of your brand identity. Presenting a really coherent image/brand identity lends your business or organization the air of true professionalism and it generates confidence in your activities or products for the person receiving your promo materials.


4. Pictures

It’s possible to print pictures onto mugs, but is this the appropriate aesthetic for your brand? If it is fine, but for most businesses and organizations it’s more likely that ‘keeping it simple’ with just a logo (and other information) is the way to go.


5. Size

This ties in, of course, to making the right choice of coffee mug. There are various sizes available, and a 15oz mug is clearly capable of holding more coffee than a 7oz mug. Deciding which is most appropriate for your business or organization may be as simple as you think and may take a little bit of consideration. If, for instance, you’re a coffee house or café then perhaps you will need a supply of taller mugs so that lattes, cappuccinos and other continental coffee drinks can be easily served. Your establishment may, in fact, become known for this sort of mug and so these could even become great promo tools too, for offer as gifts or small sale items!


6. Simplicity

Don’t overload your custom coffee mugs with information. Sometimes all you really need to include to make a big impact on people is your logo (and possibly some contact details if your brand is not immediately recognizable in the sense of being iconic). Overcrowding a small area of mug real estate with lots of different bits of information – some of it possibly even irrelevant, however desirable it may seem to include it – is not a smart move. People will feel hectored by too much text. Keep it simple and striking!


7. Eco-Friendly

It’s always a good decision to make the effort to be eco-friendly if that is possible. The world faces some serious challenges, and the business community does have ways to do its bit and rise to meet them. Ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, copper or stone mugs are the most durable materials for customized coffee mugs. When you invest in these you will get something that lasts for years – so your mug will stay out of the garbage, meaning your brand will be seen over and over again. That’s long shelf-life marketing! Alternatively…


8. Portability

It’s possible that the right sort of mug for you to use in promotions is a portable mug. Perhaps your business or organization has something to do with travel or with something like camping and ‘the great outdoors’. If that’s the case, it would make less sense for you to choose (say) ceramic mugs, even though they’d look good and be gratefully received. Portable mugs, travel mugs in other words, would be a much more effective choice as they tie in to your offer, conceptually.


9. Usability

Making sure that the custom coffee mugs you invest in are usable is an absolute must. Going for something visually impressive or novelty but actually impractical for the purpose intended is not going to do you any favors in the long run. Your quirky mugs might make an initial impression but could prove just that bit too unusual and end up forgotten and gathering dust in your customers’ storerooms.


10. Social Media

Be smart with your social media. Try and feature your customized coffee mugs in your posts so that they become visible and desirable objects. You could have someone from your marketing department spend a little time taking a series of photos in various familiar locations, and if it’s possible you could also try and get some familiar faces to be pictured holding one of your mugs. This, of course, isn’t likely to work with every famous or notable person you contact (they may be tied into certain deals and sponsorships), but you never know!


Whatever the choice of mugs you make, you’re guaranteed to receive quality products from EverythingBranded. Take a browse of what’s available on our website and, when you’re ready to order, contact us. Our friendly and efficient team will be happy to generate a quote for you. Your customers, clients and friends will soon be swigging from custom coffee mugs branded with your logo or message!

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