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Top Promotional Products for Tradeshow Giveaways

16th March 2018 in Exhibitions & trade shows


Top Promotional Products for Trade Show Giveaways

Using promotional products for trade show giveaways not only draws people to your stand, but for those who perhaps don't have time to stop and chat, they will have a product to refer back to later. Finding the right products for trade show giveaways can be challenging, it’s best to stick to products that are popular at the moment. As well as this, incorporating items that are relevant to your business will help generate a strong association between that product and your brand. In addition to being essential for generating brand exposure, it will definitely help you to engage with people.


Audio equipment like headphones are a great product to giveaway, as they can be used outside the show in a variety of ways. You can display a logo on the headphones, which will make it stand out and this way people will remember your brand. As everyone listens to music on their phones these days, headphones will be well-used at home or on the go. EverythingBranded has many promotional headphones available on their website.

Smartphone Wallet

A smartphone wallet is a useful product, as you can store your driver’s license, credit cards, business cards and cash. It means you don’t have to carry a wallet around as well as your phone. Perfect for displaying your company logo and colors and a cost-effective way to make an impact with attendees.

USB Chargers

With most people having phones chargers are essential to have, portable chargers are useful to have as you can carry them around anywhere. Perfect for travelling, as it can be easily packed into your suitcase.


T-shirts are one of the most popular promotional products, you can display your business logo and message on the T-shirt. Promotional T-shirts are the perfect keepsake as you can wear them at home or on the go and this will help your brand exposure. It provides a good memory from a fun event and generally something everyone likes receiving. In addition to using this as a brand giveaway, employees can wear the product at the stand in order to help your brand stand out on the day! On the EverythingBranded website there is a wide range of promotional T-shirts available.


Another product perfect for displaying your business logo and message. Bags are a great product for people to take away and it can be used for shopping or work. It helps to raise awareness of your brand and are very affordable, which makes it a good product to giveaway.


Promotional mints are a simple product, but they can be very effective as you can display your business logo and message on the packaging. It will help to create a long-lasting impression of your brand and are very affordable items. Check out our promotional products on the EverythingBranded website.   Exhibiting in the UK? Check out our sister company!

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