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Promotional Bags

If you are attending a conference, exhibition or trade show, you won't find a more practical promotional product than the branded bag.  At any event, organisations, including your competitors, will be handing out literature, promotional items and custom gifts. Providing the consumer with a printed custom bag to put that all in, with your artwork larger than life on it, gives your brand a walking and talking billboard.

We have a wide range of promotional bags, from Cotton shoppers to Backpacks, Jute bags to Business & Travel all offering a branded and personalized offering. For example, Cotton shoppers are one of the most popular promotional products of the year as they are light to carry and can easily be stored in the car and around the house. Our range caters for all your needs from price to high-quality options, which may suit your company down to the ground.

Our promotional bag types:

Shopping Bags - Cotton Bags, Jute Bags, Canvas Bags, Plastic & Paper Bags and more

Backpacks - Rucksacks, Camping Bags and Drawstring Bags

Business and Travel - Conference Bags, Laptop & Tablet, Travel Bags, Luggage Bags and Bag Accessories

Sport and Leisure - Holdalls, SHow Bags, Lunch Bags, Cooler Bags and Beach Bags

Our favourites:

Jute bags are the perfect shopping bag. Ideal for items from the groceries to new clothes, promotional jute bags are always strong despite being available in various sizes. The material is sturdy so the bags are the perfect long-term promotional investment.

Rucksacks and Backpacks are a versatile product which bridges the gap between a business travel bag and a sports bag. Ideal for the customer or employee who loves the outdoors, a rucksack can be a memorable promotional gift.

We're proud of the range of promotional bags we have on offer, head to the sub-categories for a little more information on the particular style.