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Our Favorite Jute Shopping Bags

19th October 2022 in Green & Eco-Friendly

There have been some amazing inventions during the course of human history. The wheel, for example. That’s a pretty spectacular one, and it has certainly had an enormous effect on the world as we know it. The television, too, has had a massive impact on the development of mankind. The list of other highly influential inventions is very long: the cell phone, the contraceptive pill, the combustion engine, the computer…

Amidst all of the incredible inventions you can think of is one you’ll probably overlook – and understandably so as it’s commonplace and seemingly insignificant. It’s not the sexiest and it doesn’t involve tech. But it’s actually incredibly brilliant and the roots of it stretch way back in time – all the way back to when humans realized they needed something in which to keep things they’d picked up or picked from the trees. Yes, we’re talking about the humble, simple, brilliant bag.

These days, whether it’s paperwork, small pieces of tech, food, toys… there’s so much accumulated ‘stuff’ in our lives that we will always need something to carry our bits and pieces around in. Bags offer us the ultimate convenience. In the simplest terms possible: A bag is a very simple but extremely handy object for storing things to transport them around in. Human beings need bags - it’s that simple.

There are so many different types of bag available, too – different sizes, different shapes, different materials. Here at EverythingBranded we’ve got a massive array of promotional items for marketing your business, and chief amongst them are promotional bags with logo potential. All of them will look great with the identity of your business or organization printed onto them, furthering brand awareness every time they are used. Most customized eco-friendly shopping bags are available in different colors, too, so you should easily be able to find something which will match up with your already existing brand guidelines. One of the most popular types of promotional bag we provide is the jute bag.

Jute is a completely natural material which is sourced and produced from plants, so any business or organization which places importance on being eco-friendly should consider using custom printed jute bags for promotional and marketing activities. Jute is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus extremely environmentally friendly. As well as the actual environmental benefits of using customized eco-friendly shopping bags for a giveaway or on offer as small sale items, it’s possible for businesses to benefit further from the way personalized jute shopping bags highlight eco-credentials.


Here Are Our Top 3 Favorites…


  1. Herringbone Jute Tote: This tote features a large main compartment and is perfect for the beach, the market, or the store. It looks impressive, too, and so the logo of your business or organization is going to really stand out and be seen.
  2. Rope Handle Jute Bags: Stylish and impressive-looking rope handled tote bags are an immediate ‘win’ when you’re working on promoting your business. Available in multiple color options you’re sure to be able to find something to match up with your already existing brand identity. You can easily customize with your logo or design and use these beautiful bags for giveaways or offer as small sale items.
  3. Three Wine Bottle Bags: If you’re looking to provide bags for your customers, clients and friends to use to transport alcohol around, then the eco-friendly Jute Wine Three Bottle Bag is a good investment. Printed up with the logo of your vineyard, brewery, bar, restaurant, store (etc), this is a great way to get your message out there on a stylish looking bag.


That’s just a few jute bags for merchandising your business, organization, event, campaign or charity – and we stock lots more here at EverythingBranded. Printed promotional jute bags are a great way to raise awareness because they're eco-friendly, good looking and very practical to use. Take a browse of all of our jute bags here.

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