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Promo Ideas for National Wellbeing Week

21st November 2022 in Stress Balls & Relievers

Next June, the world’s fifth annual Wellbeing Week will celebrate the holistic concept of being well, by paying thanks to the workers, carers, charities, social enterprises and civic organizations which keep our daily lives going.

Breaking it down, between June 26th and June 30th there will be a focus on the things that count: meaningful work, financial security, community relations and care for the environment. These things contribute to our personal mental and physical health and our general social balance - and re therefore hugely important in our lives. Wellbeing Week is a globally recognised time to celebrate them all.

It’s the perfect time to promote your business or organization using branded goods, too, as people will be receptive to positive messaging throughout Wellbeing Week. Perhaps you work within a field which has a vested interest – healthcare, for example. Of course, the items you brand up with your logo can be used year-round - but planning towards the celebrations next June offers a great chance to concentrate your efforts with some sort of campaign.

As a starting point we’ve picked out a selection of our favourite customized water bottles and other items such as customized stress balls related to health and wellbeing, whether that’s physical or mental health. Other than the suggestions we’ll describe here, there are many more other items in stock at EverythingBranded – and they are available in different colors, shapes and sizes so you should easily be able to find something appropriate which will match in with your already existing brand identity.


Some of our popular wellbeing promo items


  1. Stay Cool 32oz Sports Bottle

Physical health is one of the keys to maintaining overall control of your wellbeing. Having a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind (and vice versa). This Stay Cool 32oz Sports Bottle is the perfect way to ensure users remain hydrated throughout the day (whether playing sports or not). It includes a removable chilling stick to keep drinks cool and a twist-on, push-pull lid for easy drinking – and will look great when printed up with your logo.


  1. Full Color Hydro Pure Bottles

These stainless steel Full Color Hydro Pure Bottles are a really attractive way to get your logo or message out there, as they’re really eye-catching. With a leak-proof lid, carry strap and inner gasket, this bottle works hard to keep you healthy. It’s available in 20 oz and 28 oz sizes and in various colors which means you can find the right customized water bottle to tie in with your brand guidelines and further your carefully managed aesthetic.


  1. Damaso Tritan Water Bottle

The Damaso Tritan Water Bottle has a distinctive shape which is sure to attract the eye. It offers great usability and functionality - a soft rubber grip on the screw-off cap and a hole so it can be hung on a duffle bag or backpack. There are convenient ounce and milliliter markings so users can keep track of the amount they’re drinking and, because it’s available in an array of cool colors, any logo or message will really stand out.


  1. Bottle Sling Cooler

Obviously bottles are not always the most convenient item to carry around, so this Bottle Sling Cooler is a great way to transport what you need to keep you hydrated. The insulated cooler liner helps keep your drinks cold while preventing condensation. For the ultimate in convenience, a zippered pocket features a built-in card organizer as well as elastic bands to store your accessories. The adjustable strap offers on-the-go comfort and, with the logo of your business or organization clear and visible, this is a really smart way to impress the customers, clients and friends of your business or organization.


Mental health is also hugely important and so it’s worth considering investing in some custom water bottles, custom stress balls (or other squeeze toys) to use within your suite of promotional tools. There are many available in custom shapes, for example sharks, stars, planes, brains, and automobiles, as well as the standard ball-shaped, including sports balls.

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