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Printing Methods for Pens - Promote your company or organization through pen branding

29th July 2022 in Marketing & branding

Etching, Embroidery, Laser Engraving, and Embossing. No, not four members of a boyband, but four methods for getting your company, organization, or campaign logo onto promotional materials – including pens.

Why do you need custom pens for business? Would it surprise you to learn that pens are one of the best ways to promote your company or organization? Everyone needs a pen on an almost daily basis, so if you can fill that need with one that features your brand then you will be winning every time your customer is writing! Whether it’s the cheap custom pens you can use in giveaways or a more considered corporate gift for executives, such as a custom engraved pen, the truth is that pens are an easy win in terms of effective brand awareness.

So far so good. But what should you print on your custom pens? Your logo, your email address, phone number, a message? Really, the answer depends on you. Each is effective in its own way. If you’re playing the long game and just want to get your brand noticed, or put a reminder into customer's heads, then a logo is a good place to start. But for more ‘call to action nudges then a phone number or email address alongside the logo is a great idea. Any form of slogan or messaging could also be featured – and perhaps your brand is more recognizable from a slogan than by its name, so just having that on a pen could work too. So, it all depends on what you think will be the closest fit to your needs.


A bit more about the methods? Sure!

Before we move onto the methods used on pens, and just out of interest and for context, a look at a couple of methods suitable for other products. Embossing is the process of creating a raised image, design, or text on the surface of a product. There are different ways to do this, dependent on the material the product is made from. Embroidery means the stitching of your design into clothing or fabric items. Obviously not applicable to pens – unless you know something we don’t!

In the world of getting your logo onto printed pens, engraving could be thought of as the ‘fine art’. Using precision laser tools to physically imprint your logo into the surface of the pen (as opposed to printing something on it), engraving exudes a certain level of quality. This makes engraving a highly suitable choice for more executive gifts or high-end giveaways – and these Pierre Cardin Belfort Ballpens could be the right choice for you. Featuring a hand-machined guilloche finish and a clip machined from a single ingot of brass, they make a real statement of value.

Laser etching is a process for creating logos and designs on pens by melting their surface with great precision at a micro level. Like engraving, etching is part of the broader category laser marking. This Metal Star Pen is a great example of how a pen can be etched with your brand identity to create a really effective promotional tool.

If you have particular pens in mind, don’t forget that you can get color-printed pens – so pens with a color barrel that could match your already existing branding, meaning a great match-up and added coherence to your range of stuff! If you’re interested in any of the custom pens available from EverythingBranded, just get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to generate a quote for you today!

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