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The Popularity of Custom Coffee Mugs

8th December 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

Coffee has become central to our culture. It may be over thirty years old, now, but that classic phrase from David Lynch’s TV epic Twin Peaks still regularly bubbles up: “Damn fine coffee”! It’s also no accident that key locations in several TV series over the years have been coffee shops – think of Central Perk in Friends or Café Nervosa in Frasier, amongst many others…

A huge number of people start each day with a hot cup of this legendary brew, which gives an energy boost and sets a great mood. Throughout the day, too, people drink coffee whether they’re in the workplace or at home or when they’re out shopping. Multiple outlets are all over our country, with take-away coffee from major brands easily available in every town and city. In whatever form, coffee has become a huge industry.

Providing your customers, clients and friends with custom coffee mugs is a great way to ensure that your brand awareness is high. When they’re printed with the logo of your business, organization, campaign or event and used in giveaways or offered as small sale items, mugs are likely to be used each and every day. This means your logo will be seen over and over again, becoming associated with the joyful moment of drinking a coffee.

We’ll point you in the direction of some cool customized coffee mugs and promotional items you can print with your logo, but before we do here are a couple of useful bits of trivia about coffee.


8 Fascinating Facts about Coffee


  1. Approx. 400 million cups of coffee are drunk each day in the US.
  2. 66% of women drink coffee every day, compared to 62% of men.
  3. Approx. 35% of consumers drink black coffee.
  4. Coffee beans are actually seeds, not beans.
  5. Brazil produces over a third of the world’s coffee.
  6. Coffee drinkers live longer – it lowers risk of cardio disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s.
  7. The two main types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta.
  8. You can overdose on it – but you’d need to drink 30 cups in very quick succession!


Our Favorite Custom Coffee Mugs


  1. Coffee Mug Box Sets

If you’re looking for a ‘presentation’ style set to give as a gift, then these Box Sets feature four customizable 11 oz. mugs, (resting in protective foam to guarantee no breakage or damage). Each mug includes a full color imprint, perfect for getting your brand name, logo, event title or marketing message prominent in the hands of those coffee drinkers.


  1. Mug with a Spoon

For anyone who has sugar in their coffee and needs something to stir it with, this Cup With Spoon is perfect. Its own spoon tucks conveniently inside the handle of the porcelain mug -which will look fantastic when printed with the logo of your business or organization.


  1. Espresso Mugs

Espresso is a really popular type of coffee – short, small, fast and strong. These 2oz Espresso Mugs feature a smooth tapered design perfect for that hit of darned fine Joe! An excellent item for home, work, events and holiday gifts, it looks great when you customize it with the logo of your business or organization.


  1. Specialty Mugs

For savoring a tall and long specialty coffee, the tapered 12oz Ferdinand Mug with flared stand is perfect. When your logo is printed onto one of these striking mugs, it will immediately stand out. This Morning Mug can be deep etched with your logo. It’s tall and is perfect for a variety of different drinks – but mostly your morning coffee, of course!

If glass is your thing, then the Gormley Mug is also worth a look. When printed with your logo this mug with gently arced sides will offer a really tasteful and understated way to promote your business.


When you’re looking for effective promotional items so that you can provide a physical product to market your business, customized coffee mugs almost always come out on top. Here at EverythingBranded we have many different types of custom coffee mugs available, including the selections above. Simply take a browse of our website, and once you’ve decided what’s suitable for your business get in touch…

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