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Product Case Study: Bottle Openers

20th July 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

One of the great things about beer is the way it’s packaged: The bottle. Not only do bottles look cool, but they also feel great to hold. They’re highly tactile – and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as popping the cap and kicking back without even pouring the beer into a glass! Of course, many other things are available in bottles, not just beer. But whatever the drink, the need for a certain tool is the same. In this edition of our blog, we’re going to talk about that tool. A kind of key that allows you to open a bottle and access the liquid joy within. Yes, that’s right: Bottle openers.

You could invest in specially branded bottle openers and let your business message be right there in these moments of happiness. At EverythingBranded we can print a logo or your messaging onto bottle openers, and once someone uses one of these printed bottle openers they’re going to remember you! People will then associate your brand with the bottle opener, so when they need to open a bottle, they’ll also think of your business, organization, or campaign. They might even start referring to the bottle opener by the name of your company rather than as a bottle opener! Promotional bottle openers are a great way to raise brand awareness and keep your brand in focus

There are so many different types in stock. Bottle openers on keychains, colored bottle openers, novelty bottle openers, motorcycle-shaped bottle openers, bottle openers with a flashlight built in… and so many more. You’ll be amazed when you browse our site and see the variety.

What kind of business, organization or campaign would actually benefit from purchasing customized bottle openers from EverythingBranded? Any bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, music venues, brewers and so on would definitely benefit from branding up their stuff. It would give a great ‘all in’ feel to someone’s experience at being at your premises, and perhaps you could even give away a bottle opener as a small gift to each customer or offer them for sale as part of a merch range.

Even music or food and drink festivals and events coordinators will benefit from custom bottle openers emblazoned with the festival or event logo. That would keep the identity running throughout the event, but also no doubt end up in homes being used day after day.  People who go to events like to be given or buy a souvenir, something cool which they can used as a sparking point to talk to their friends about the fact they went to your festival!

We mentioned beer bottles (and cap bottlers containing other types of drink). There’s also the old corkscrew-type bottle opener to think about. This is a great promotional tool for wine bars or restaurants to consider, but they would also benefit museum and tour gift shops, social clubs, conference venues, art galleries and, obviously, wine shops!

To be frank, people love bottle openers. So, no matter your business, if you’re looking for some sort of promotional branded gift or sale item, look no further than the humble pen, cup or bottle opener. You can customize bottle openers by putting your company logo prominently, but you could also put some form of messaging on there. Whichever you think is appropriate for you, here at EverythingBranded we’ve got your promotional bottle opener problem solved!



Some of our favorites…

  1. This Waiter's Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener is a double-hinged corkscrew with a stainless steel blade and cap bottle opener built-in. Perfect for every type of bottle. It’s stylish and extremely useful - and your logo could be laser engraved, making a real statement.
  2. Imagine your bar or restaurant is having a themed night – maybe a spy night or a military night? This Bullet Bottle Opener could be branded with your logo and shoot you straight to the heart of the event. Your promo, right on target! It's made of heavy-duty stainless steel with two available finishes and is in the instantly recognizable shape of a 50-caliber bullet.
  3. Almost the workhorse of our three favorite is the no-nonsense Metal Sleek Blade Bottle Opener. It’s easy grip, so it’s not at all difficult to remove the cap from your drink bottle. It comes in silver and when printed with your company name or logo it’s going to look simple and be effective – a great combination for any business to demonstrate in their promo materials.

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