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Let's refresh the Earth together

4th March 2022 in Exhibitions & trade shows

Why do we celebrate earth day? Did you know that more than a billion people celebrate earth day each year to protect the planet from things like pollution and deforestation? The aim of earth day is to create awareness of the alarming climate crisis which is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year. The first ever earth day was held on April 22nd of the year 1970 in first starting with the founder himself who went by the name of Senator Gaylord Nelson.

Before you head over to the google search bar and type ‘How to celebrate earth day the correct way’, we thought that it would be best to share a collection of our recommendations for you in order to celebrate with some of our earth day bestsellers.

Spring is rapidly creeping on to us and what better way to get the home and garden décor ready with some of our own box of garden plants. These garden plants would be the perfect add on to any room of the house whether you plan on adding these onto the bedside cabinet or the bookshelf, you cannot go wrong with these miniature plants for creating a better aesthetic looks. What’s more sustainable than growing your own produce? Even if you’ve never attempted to do gardening before, these plants make it easy to grow your own plants.

As you navigate around the produce section of the grocery store, how many of those flimsy plastic bags do you grab? Two? Five? More? All of these little bags typically end up in the landfill, but you can keep your fruits and veggies sorted using these reusable produce bags instead. The mesh bags come in three sizes and are made from organic cotton, and you can toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

You can protect the environment in many ways which you probably was unaware of like chucking away that plastic toothbrush and getting yourself a bio-based toothbrush. a material that makes using renewable raw materials (sugar cane and castor oil) and produces using clean energy. We believe that this is great for anyone to be using because a plastic-like material is the best one for a job, but how it can be produced in a more responsible way. Well, look no further than our eco-friendly toothbrushes and start by helping to protect our environment in the smallest ways possible.

Look no further than Everything Branded this April for all your eco-friendly goods in time for the earth day celebrations and also living in an eco-friendly manner. Let’s protect our planet together by staying green!


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