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Let’s Go to The Beach!

6th July 2022 in Summer & beach

Whether you’re a beach club, a summer activity center or a hotel or vacation park, don’t worry that you’re too late to the party! There’s still plenty of time for you to order some promotional beach items with your logo printed on them so you can maximize your summer marketing.

Ah, summer! The perfect time to soak up some rays down at the beach, or take a dip in the ocean… Who doesn’t love a bit of sand between their toes or a bit of splashing about?

You could be at the coast, or you could be inland. Maybe you’re around the pool of a hotel or leisure complex. Maybe you’re in the park or even just your own yard. You really don’t have to be at the shoreline to get the best from the sunny season. Inland hotels or other leisure facilities can still give the full-on beach vibe with our fantastic accessories. Wherever you are, it’s a safe bet you’ll have some things with you to help you enjoy your day – deck chairs, towels, sunglasses, beach balls etc. This means there’s an opportunity for any business or organization which recognizes that catching people while they’re relaxing is a smart way to market and raise brand awareness.

Here at EverythingBranded we stock all of the perfect items for your giveaways, promotional events, merch store or hotel swag. All the right things a sun-lover might need. Branded towels so they can dry off after a dip or get comfortable when going for that all-over tan - and you can’t get your brand much closer than that! Printed beach balls so they can kick around the sand or play volleyball in the pool, with your brand in their eyeline all the time. Customizable sunglasses to protect the eyes and keep a cool look, with your brand visible to all! Your beautiful brand can shine through the summer this year!


The Best Beach Products to Promote With

  1. Even though summer is bright and hot, there are moments when people need to cool off a little. So the Custom Branded Handy Breeze Portable Fan & Light is a perfect chance for a spot of promo. It’s a small hand-held fan which can be printed with your logo or message – and it’ll be used over and over. An essential.
  2. It’s not just temperature folks like to take care of in summer – it’s also their eyes. These Tahiti Sunglasses are plastic, adult-sized and UV protective. They’re available in plenty of different colors and with your logo printed along the arms they can really make your brand pop.
  3. No summer beach scene is complete without the classic multi-colored 16” Inflatable Beach Ball. It’s been keeping kids and families entertained for decades, and your logo could be right there with them in the middle of the fun...
  4. See also the Custom Branded Beach Bucket Set. Everyone loves playing around and digging holes or building sandcastles, and this set provides them with a selection of plastic tools in a bucket which can carry your logo or message. A great way to raise some brand awareness.
  5. For something with even more impact how about a Poly-Cotton Beach Towel. This one features full bleed sublimation – in other words your logo or message will be printed on a large scale, edge-to-edge, all across the towel. Perfect for beach-goers, or for hotels and leisure facilities to get fully branded up.
  6. The ultimate promotional beach product is the Coleman Outpost Deck Chair. Beautifully engineered to provide maximum comfort it has a cooling mesh back, carry handles and padded solid arms. Emblazoned with your logo, this is as good as it gets for hotel poolside bistros or comfort areas. It’ll also raise brand awareness down on the beach!

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