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How to Make the Most of Branding on World Tourism Day

27th September 2022 in Days of the year

Understandably, travel has been a significant part of everyone’s thoughts during the last few years, despite there not being much of it. Because people were more-or-less confined to their homes, the natural human urge to travel was suppressed. The pandemic severely limited the possibilities travel offers and the opportunities it can bring, and it’s probably correct to say that there was a general ‘lowering of the horizon’ for many millions of people.

With the world bouncing back now, moving from one side of the planet, country, or state to the other is once again on the daily agenda.

Vacations – whether at home or overseas – mean that people will visit places they’ve never been before or liked so much that they’ve wanted to visit again. Your business or organization could benefit from this growing resurgence of the sector, whether you’re a beachside café which offers up keychains as freebies, or a prestige hotel offering things like towels or robes as sale items. You could be a ‘store on the shore’ selling beachballs or bucket hats to tourists, or a camping company offering travel cups or blankets in giveaways. The possibilities for promotion in the travel and tourism sector are virtually endless.

The lifting of travel restrictions signaled the beginning of tourism’s recovery and right now is a fantastic time to think about the future. World Tourism Day was originally set up by the United Nations back in 1980, designed to recognize the potential of tourism and the way the connections it can bring between different countries can be hugely positive. This year it’s on 27th September.

This year’s theme is Rethinking Tourism, and Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the UNTWO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), says: “We call on everyone, from tourism workers to tourists themselves, as well as small businesses, large corporations and governments to reflect and rethink what we do and how we do it”.

This means thinking around the issues of development, education, and employment – and there are sustainability and eco- issues to be considered too. Another aspect of rethinking tourism could be in the way your business or organization positions itself. Using promotional items (like the ones we mentioned a moment ago) to push brand awareness is, if it’s something you’ve not considered before, a worthwhile way to promote your activities and also advance the aims of the industry.

Here at EverythingBranded we stock a vast array of merchandising for tourism at all points on the scale, whether that’s playful branded beach products or stylish merchandising for hotels. Putting your logo onto the things people use during their travel and leisure time is a way to reach out a little further than just the services you offer. Quality items which can be used time and again and which reflect your brand identity are a surefire way to make people remember you and subscribe to your aesthetic.

For example, promotional beach items which ‘chime’ with your business or organization but also offer the user a further level of fun in their experience are going to imprint themselves on minds as people are receptive when they’re happy. Similarly, hotels which use high quality branded items are going to project a desirable aesthetic or an aspirational image, and this will reinforce the perception of quality in your offer.

We’ve put together a list featuring some of our favorite items suitable for various businesses within the travel and tourism industry to use during marketing campaigns.


Our Top 6 Custom Printed Products for International Tourism Day


  1. No self-respecting hotel is without a pool to lounge around, and so it makes sense to put some product into that environment which reflects your brand. Pool floats are a great way to maximise exposure as people are sure to take photos when they’re relaxing or playing, and these will end up on social media – putting your brand right out there! These floats are made of high-quality PVC materials and are available in several colors and several sizes.
  2. A classic multi-colored Beach Ball is an absolute must when you’re down on the sand, and it will offer your business some great marketing real estate. High visibility (everyone loves a beach ball, and they really catch the eye when they’re being played with) means your company or organization’s logo will be a part of everyone’s fun.
  3. These stylish Hotel Umbrellas are perfect for any hotel – whether it’s situated in a place where the sun doesn’t shine all the time, or where the sun shines so much that some respite is required! Available in several different colors, which means you can come up with a close match to your establishment’s already existing brand identity, this is the perfect way to provide something useful which will get your name out there in public on a regular basis.
  4. If you’re a hotel that’s thinking about providing some sort of useful gift within each room, then something like the Soapbox Cleanse & Soothe Gift Set is a way to reach out. Housed in a pouch printed with your logo is a liquid hand soap and hand lotion duo – two containers of quality cosmetic product that your guests are sure to appreciate.
  5. A great item for any travel or tourism business to use as a promotional tool is an Adjustable Suitcase Strap with TSA Lock. The purpose of this kind of strap is to add more safety and security to your suitcase while you’re travelling around. As a way to spotlight your business they’re brilliant too as your logo will look brilliant on them due to our high-quality print.
  6. Finally, for those who take their tourism seriously and head out multiple times per year, it’s worth supplying a prestige item like a Passport Case, as it will be used many times across many years, and will be seen often. When it’s printed with your logo it’s perfect for putting your brand into the spotlight. Or, rather, into the sunlight!

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