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How to Customize Koozies for Your Business

10th December 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

Searching for the perfect promotional product for an upcoming tradeshow or event or just in need of some customized swag to help get your brand out there? Whatever your case maybe you can be sure to succeed with the help of custom koozies.

Customized koozies are the ideal promotional product for any business or organization and have more than one purpose when it comes to satisfying your own and customer's/employees’ needs. Custom koozies have the power to keep your can of soda or beer cold while creating impressions, boosting your brand’s exposure and helping to build brand loyalty for as little as $0.39!

In this guide we will go over some design tips and all the information you need for creating a perfect yet successful range of custom koozies, so buckle in.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Koozies?

Custom Koozies are the perfect way to get any party started and are great for giving away as gifts or freebies to prospective clients. Not only do these little drink holders keep your drink of choice cool and refreshing they help to retain customers and build brand loyalty making your business or organization a constant in the eyes of new and existing customers.

Sporting Events

Custom koozies are the ideal promotional product especially when it comes to outdoor sporting events such as football games and baseball games. Easy to hand out and distribute custom koozies are an affordable way to make a practical impact on the recipient while benefiting your business or organization. With so many options to choose from when it comes to colors and styles you can go all out and match your respective teams’ colors or stay on theme with a cute jersey-shaped koozie.

Restaurants and Bars

Ever thought of offering custom koozies to customers when they purchase special offers or spend a certain amount of money? If not, now might be a great time to start thinking about just that! Custom koozies make great incentives due to their practical nature and are sure to make customers take a plunge and try something new. Our range of custom koozies at EverythingBranded also comes in a whole host of shapes and sizes such as the 12 Oz. Neoprene Sublimated Cooler W/ Bottle Opener meaning no drink has to be left going warm.

Golf Tournaments

The golf industry has significantly increased in the United States since 2011 and with so much downtime involved within a game of golf customers and employees are guaranteed to enjoy a custom koozie to help keep their drinks cold for as long as possible while they wait for their turn.

Birthday Parties

Kids always get a good ole goodie bag when they attend a birthday party so why shouldn’t adults? Custom koozies make fantastic party favors alongside other promotional items such as custom pens, stress balls and tumblers and are bound to place a smile on the face of the recipient helping your brand to build brand loyalty and increase positive word of mouth.

Outdoor Concerts

When it comes to providing promotional goodies at concerts you most likely automatically think about items such as custom T-shirts, lanyards and wristbands but custom koozies can be a fantastic addition to this already stacked line-up. Fans are sure to love their own custom koozie that they can hold while they pump their fists in the crowd and sing their hearts out to their favorite artists.

Family and Class Reunions

Set the table upright by handing out your own range of custom koozies. Not only are custom koozies cheap they’re fun and are bound to come in handy when it comes to making speeches and toasts later on into the day or evening and if your family or class members are more into other beverages such as beer you can make sure they don’t feel left out by handing them full bottle custom koozies such as this one.

Tips for Customizing Your Own Range of Custom Koozies

If you want your custom koozies to look great follow our three straightforward steps:

1) Choose a style and material

2) Decide on the pattern or color scheme you want to use

3) Print something that stands out and is memorable on the front

Step One: Choose a Style and Material

What are the Different Types of Custom Koozies you Can Choose From?

When it comes to choosing your customized koozie you have plenty of options to choose from ranging from colors, materials and styles. Some customized koozies have unique features such as built-in bottle openers while others are made to fit drinks other than the stereotypical can.

The distinctive styles of custom koozies you can choose from:

Can Koozies

Can Koozies are the standard format of custom koozies and are made to fit around 12 oz. cans such as the ones used by Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Bottle Koozies

Bottled koozies can fit bottles sized anywhere from 6 oz. to 22 oz. depending on the brand of your desired beverage. Long custom koozies are sure to fit snuggly around bottled beverages keeping them nice and cold.

Beer Koozies

Crack that top off and make sure you enjoy a nice cool beer. Beer koozies are the ideal customized koozie to hand out to frequent beer drinkers at events such as tailgates, sporting events or barbeques.

Wine Koozies

It is a well-known fact that most wines are enjoyed better when chilled so wine koozies are the perfect tool for ensuring you get that temperature just right. These custom koozies are great for handing out weddings, banquets and galas!

Slim Koozies

Unsurprising to most, not every brand used a standard 12 oz. can mold but do not worry slim koozies are here to the rescue! Drinks such as White Claw, Red Bull and Truly are just a few that have dove into the slim can trend so slim koozies are perfect for filling in that gap and catering to all beverage drinkers.

Okay, so now you know all the assorted styles of custom koozies available to you, what about the materials they come in?

The materials of custom koozies available:

Foam Koozies

Foam is the cheapest material when it comes to custom koozies meaning you can get a whole load of them for a ridiculously low price.

Neoprene Koozies

A recent study showed that rubber and neoprene can keep cans and bottles at least 16 degrees cooler making these custom koozies ideal for handing out at summer events.

Stainless Steel Koozies

Stainless steel koozies are perfect if you want your custom koozies to be durable and long-lasting. They do come out on the pricier side of things, however, if you desire a more professional look when it comes to your promotional products, they are the real deal.

Step Two: Decide on the Pattern or Color Scheme You Want to Use

When it comes to creating your own range of customized koozies the color scheme can play a major role in their success and how they benefit your business or organization. Here at EverythingBranded, we recommend you choose something that represents your brand as a whole like colors from your logo or something that enables your logo to stand out.

Step Three: Print Something that Stands Out and is Memorable on the Front

Now that you have established what style and material of custom koozie you want you to need to figure out what you want to be printed on the front of it. Here at EverythingBranded, we offer a range of printing methods for you to choose from that are each sure to elevate your customized koozies in a different way.

Here are some things we recommend you print on your custom koozies:

• Your business or organization’s name

• Your logo

• A funny or inspirational quote

• Informative text

• A Clipart Image

Make sure you are careful when it comes to deciding on what you print on your custom koozies as depending on the colored custom koozie you choose certain print colors may be less visible or less attractive but don’t fear if this is the case as our dedicated in-house design team will send you a preview to check over before you give it the green-light to be sent of to printing and delivery.

Now that we have given you the complete run-through when it comes to creating your own range of custom koozies go out there and smash your marketing campaign in a cool yet refreshed style by getting in touch with us and purchasing your personal range of customized koozies.

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