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Do Lenses Matter? The Significance of Colored Tint in Custom Sunglasses

30th January 2024 in Summer & beach

Custom sunglasses have become a blend of fashion statement and practical necessity. The choice of lens tint and type is crucial, affecting not just style but also visual comfort, eye health, and user experience. This comprehensive blog explores the importance of lens colors, tints, and functionalities, shedding light on their significance in eyewear and as promotional products.


What Color Polarized Lens is Best?

Polarized lenses are essential for enhancing vision and protecting eyes from glare and harmful rays. The color of the polarized lens plays a significant role in their effectiveness:

  1. Gray Lenses: Ideal for general use, reducing brightness without distorting colors, and suitable for driving and outdoor sports.
  2. Brown and Amber Lenses: Great for enhancing contrast and depth perception, especially in variable light conditions like fishing or golfing.
  3. Green Lenses: Offer a balance by reducing glare and filtering out harmful blue light, ideal for prolonged use.
  4. Blue and Purple Lenses: Increase color perception and contrast in snowy or foggy conditions, reducing glare off water.
  5. Red or Rose-Tinted Lenses: Enhance visual depth, reduce eye strain, and improve visibility, especially for cyclists.


Customizing Your Choice

Consider your lifestyle, the environment, and personal comfort when selecting a polarized lens color. The best choice depends on your individual needs and activities.


Are Darker Sunglasses Better for Your Eyes?

Contrary to popular belief, the darkness of sunglasses doesn't equate to better eye protection. The crucial factor is the UV protection capability:

  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection: Essential for preventing eye damage.
  • Risks of Dark Lenses Without UV Protection: Can lead to pupil dilation, allowing more UV rays to enter if UV protection is insufficient.
  • Look for UV Rating, Lens Quality, and Fit: Ensure they block harmful rays, are of high quality, and provide adequate coverage.


Best Sunglasses for UV Protection

Understanding UV radiation is key in choosing the right sunglasses. Features to look for include:

  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection
  • Larger Frames and Wraparound Styles: For more comprehensive eye coverage.
  • Polarized Lenses: While not a substitute for UV protection, they reduce glare.
  • Lens Materials: Options like polycarbonate and CR-39 offer varying degrees of UV protection.
  • Considerations for Activities: Different styles suit different lifestyles, from water sports to everyday use.


Custom Sunglasses as Promotional Products

Sunglasses stand out as promotional items due to their style, practicality, and brand visibility, here are ten good reasons why you should be including custom sunglasses in your swag offerings in the new year!

  1. Universal Appeal: Suitable for all demographics.
  2. High Visibility Branding: Places your brand at eye level.
  3. Practical and Stylish: More than just a giveaway item.
  4. Seasonal Flexibility: Useful year-round.
  5. Customization Options: Align with brand image and campaign themes.
  6. Range of Price Points: Fit various budgets.
  7. Functionality and Memorability: Enhance brand recall.
  8. Ideal for Events and Giveaways: Lightweight and easy to distribute.
  9. Health and Safety Angle: Showcases brand's commitment to well-being.
  10. Social Media Friendly: Encourages online brand presence.

Custom sunglasses are a potent blend of style and function, serving as effective promotional tools and vital protectors of eye health. The choice of lens tint, UV protection, and style are crucial, ensuring that sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but a necessity for eye care and brand promotion.

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