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Celebrating Party Season with Custom Tumblers

25th November 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

Towards the end of the calendar year there’s a great run of occasions on which people tend to party. During this time, it’s customary to let your hair down, celebrate the achievements of the past year and the promise of the next. It’s a certainty that on all of these party occasions drink is involved in some way! For you, that means you can market your business or organization to by using customized tumblers and other drinkware.

You might never have thought of custom drinkware as an important part of your marketing plan, but it is a fantastic way to elevate brand awareness and ensure you’re always on the minds of customers, clients and friends - and in the eyeline of anyone they encounter. Research shows that people are more susceptible to messaging when they’re in a good mood or a positive frame of mind, having fun – which they’re sure to be through the seasonal run of parties and celebrations. Your logo could be printed onto any of our custom tumblers and other drinkware and barware items, ensuring that your business or organization has a great presence during party time!


What businesses can use custom tumblers and promotional drinkware?


Any establishment that serves drinks of any kind – a bar, a restaurant, a café, a coffee shop, for example - would benefit from having a range of custom tumblers featuring its own logo (and perhaps other information such as contact details or slogan). In addition, music festivals or venues might wish to ‘brand up’ tumblers and show off while their customers are drinking and, at the other end of the scale, wedding venues might choose to have their glass drinkware match up with their brand identity.

Schools may benefit from the sense of community offered by branded merchandise including water bottles. Sports venues could feature the team’s logo on drinkware for promo – including tumblers and water bottles. Gyms, dance studios and fitness suites could benefit from having some branded goods on offer as small sale items, which would get their name out there to the wider community.

Those are just a few ideas but here, in this blog, we’re focusing on ‘party possibles’ – the drinkware items which, like branded tumblers, you’ll find at almost all of those gatherings this coming party season – whether that’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year…


Our top 5 custom tumblers and other party drinkware


  1. Frost Flex Frosted Plastic Stadium Cup

Popular all year round is the Frost Flex Frosted Plastic Stadium Cup. With a stackable design this flexible plastic cup is perfect for sports events – actual games in a stadium or TV broadcasts experienced in a bar. But, more importantly, they’re durable and hardworking to keep the end of year parties enjoyable and easy. If they’re ‘given away’ and taken home, your customers can party with your brand for many seasons to come.


  1. Trifecta Tumbler with Lid Straw

If you’re looking for something colorful which will add vibes to any party, then this Trifecta Tumbler with Lid Straw is available in various hues and will certainly make an impression.

With a matching snap-on lid with straw hole and a matching straw, it’s great not just for beer but for smoothies, coffees, shakes or any other cold beverage. It’s hand wash only and shouldn’t be microwaved – but who really likes warm beer anyway!?


  1. Metal Shot Glasses

It’s not all beer at parties, of course. Sometimes you’re going to need shot glasses because the spirits are coming out to play! These Metal Shot Glasses are a great looking item for parties, and an essential addition to any bar or restaurant’s drinkware stock. With your company name, logo or message printed on them, they’re sure to impress.


  1. Matte Double Wall Insulated Paper Cups

You may require the tumblers you supply to guests at your party to be disposable? If that’s the case then these Matte Double Wall Insulated Paper Cups may well be for you. The double wall insulated paper keeps cold drinks cold, hands comfortable and you happy, because your logo will look great printed on them. A visually powerful, economical item.


  1. Bluetooth Speaker Tumblers

Perfect to use as special giveaways or as items to put on sale, these Bluetooth Speaker Tumblers are a special way to get any party rocking. This 20 oz tumbler is made from double-wall insulated stainless steel and plastic, and the integrated Bluetooth speaker can be paired to a phone or tablet for around 2.5 hours playback on a 1.5-hour charge. With your logo printed on it, this is a seasonal party tumbler which will push the promo all year round.

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