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Custom Tumblers for Bars & Restaurants

30th November 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

One of the sectors hardest hit by the recent pandemic was hospitality, with financial struggle a stressful reality for almost all bars and restaurants - and survival an absolute impossibility for some. A number of businesses went to the wall during this difficult couple of years - or, at best, struggled through after adapting and developing a makeshift plan for coping (home delivery or pick-up only).

For those businesses which did make it through, it has been necessary to spend a bit of time playing ‘catch up’ and re-establishing public awareness of the brand. Smart restaurants, bars, cafes and other businesses in this sector used coming out of Covid as an opportunity to almost ‘relaunch’, reminding customers old and new what is great about their offer.

However, the even smarter businesses have sustained this approach to their marketing activities, using custom tumblers, custom shot glasses and drinkware plus other customized items in their promotional campaigns, with the aim of keeping themselves right in the public eye. We’ve selected some of our favorites – but take a browse of our site to see many more…


Our top 10 customized tumblers and other promo items for bars and restaurants


  1. 16 Oz. Full Color Pint Glass

Every establishment in which alcoholic drinks are served is likely to need a stock of pint glasses for their beer or larger soft drinks – so why not brand these ones up? Printing the logo of your bar or restaurant onto the glass guarantees a great in-house aesthetic. Your place will enjoy a really neat and tidy vibe, and with your logo constantly visible you’ll be making constant impressions on customers and friends.


  1. Metal Shot Glasses

Metal Shot Glasses are a clever way to promote your business, as their unusual material (metal not glass!) makes for an attractive customized item not currently that common in pubs, club, bars and restaurants. When printed with your logo, these metal shot glasses will get your logo noticed - looking great and doing a solid job of keeping eyes on your brand.


  1. Whiskey Glasses

Something from the ‘top shelf’ is going to require a glass of its own, and this attractive Whisky Glass provides just the thing. With your bar or restaurant’s logo printed onto it, it’s the perfect way for customers to end the evening - and for you to leave them with a late reminder of your brand.


  1. Acrylic High-Ball Tumblers

These Acrylic High-Ball Tumblers are made of strong break-resistant material so will keep on coming back to do more and more valuable promo for you. They’re crystal clear and will look amazing with your logo printed on them.


  1. Light Up Disco Ball Tumblers

Perhaps you’re not just a restaurant, but an establishment with a dancefloor and a late evening party vibe, so you’re looking for customized tumblers with a little more fun about them. These Light Up Disco Ball Tumblers are hexagon-shaped cups come with a screw on lid, plus flexible, reusable straw. Press the button at the bottom of cup to generate a slow color changing pattern and the logo of your brand will dance its way into customer’s memories! They’re likely to take plenty of photos for their social media showing off these attractive cups, so you’ll generate a lot of interest there too.


  1. Neon Plastic Shot Glasses

For clubs which run big party nights, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use glassware. The more the party goes on the more likely drinkware will get broken, so something more durable (or even disposable) is a much smarter choice - particularly when you’re talking about customized shot glasses, and so these Neon Plastic Shot Glasses are perfect for visual impact as well as convenience.


  1. Acrylic Tumblers

If you’re a sit-in burger joint then you’ll probably also be serving milk shakes, and so you’ll need good quality tumblers. These Acrylic Tumblers handle 20z of drink, and the matching lid and straw complete the package. Made of high-quality BPA-free double-wall plastic, they’re available in a variety of colors (so you can complement your brand identity with ease), and the large imprint area makes them ideal for maximum logo exposure.


  1. Paper Coffee Cups

You’re a take-away with a coffee option, and you need a custom tumbler which is efficient but attractive. These Paper Coffee Cups are all business - distinctive but highly functional. The triple-layer card protects your customer hands from drink temperature, but the true beauty is revealed when your business logo or messaging has been printed on them.


  1. Economy Tumbler Box Set

You could be looking to send out gifts to customers and friends to remind them your restaurant, café or bar still exists, or to thank them for their valued custom, or you may be looking for an attractive tumbler to offer as a small sale item. This Economy Tumbler Box Set is the perfect choice as you can customize the packaging it’s contained in, as well as the tumbler itself!


  1. Glass Jar Tumblers

Some cool bars use jars - and these Glass Jar Tumblers will do just the trick for you if you decided to approach your drinkware from that cred angle. They’re also perfect for outdoor events at which your café, bar or restaurant might have a catering stall. They’re made of thick, durable and high-quality glass, stand approx. 5.2" tall and look perfect when screen-printed with your company logo.

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