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Product Focus: Custom Koozies and Our Top 10 Favorite Picks

14th November 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

It’s winter right now, but the fact is that the koozie is a year-round accessory for anyone who drinks from a can – it’s not just for summer. So this is an item you could be really thinking about using in your marketing and promotional activities throughout the 12 months, not just in the warmest season.

The koozie (also known as the beer cozy, beer jacket and drink huggie) is a great method for ensuring beers and soft drinks stay cool as we clutch our cans. They cancel out the heat which might be transmitted from our warmer fingers and disturb the temperature of our drinks – and also stop our hands from getting too cold when wrapped around a can of ice-cold beer.

Here at EverythingBranded, we offer a great selection of koozie can coolers and associated products, and they’re all perfect for printing up with the logo of your business or organization. They offer a fun and effective way of getting your brand ‘out there’ amongst people while they’re busy having fun – a great time catch them with your message as people are more receptive when they’re enjoying themselves. We’ve put together a list of ten custom koozies or associated products here so you have some suggestions to start thinking about how you can use these amazing items for your marketing purposes…


Top 10 Koozie Can Koolers


1. Koozie Cork Can Koolers

Everyone knows that remarkable material cork has thermal and insulation properties – so check out these incredible Cork Can Coolers if you’re looking to make a big impression. With a truly comfortable feel in-hand, these coolers are eco-friendly and look great when printed with your logo. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor event, and they fit most standard 12 oz cans.

2. Koozie Sequin Can Koolers

For something a little big glamorous how about this? The Koozie Sequin Can Kooler is for when your inner party is bursting to get out. You'll have the best dressed cans at the beach, pool party or BBQ with these sequin-covered koolers made of polyester and styrene rubber. These sleeves have a collapsible design that fits most 12 ounce cans.

3. Koozie Glow-in-the-Dark Can Koolers

Glow-in-the-Dark Koozie: Keep your drinks cool and your hands dry with these glow-in-the-dark sleeves, which will glow when exposed to the light for 15 minutes. They’re perfect for parties, carnivals, concerts, tailgates, campfires and more. When printed with your logo they’ll really turn the spotlight on brand awareness!

4. Koozie Leather-Like Can Koolers

When you want your business to look like you really mean it, these leather-look koozies are perfect. These sleeves are made of polyurethane vinyl and can fit cans snugly to keep drinks cold and your hands warm. They’ll look great with the logo of your business or organization printed on them, and the collapsible design means they’re brilliant for direct mail campaigns and other long distance marketing campaigns.

5. Koozie Golf Bag Kooler Kits

If you’re a sports store, manufacturer or golf club you will find these golf bag themed cooler kits really inspire your customers, clients and friends to value your business. Zippered and shaped like a proper golf bag, this cooler kit has a compartment that holds two imprinted golf balls and ten 2 3/4 wooden tees!

6. Koozie Square Koolers

This Koozie Square Kooler is a fantastic choice for camping businesses and outdoor activity organizations. Your customers, clients and friends can bring along a bunch of lunch or enough drinks for the whole crew with this 8" square cooler. Made of durable Denier polyester with a heat-sealed PEVA lining, it’s a great space to tote a six pack of your favorite beverage! It’ll also look great with your logo printed on it!

7. Koozie Olympus Bucket Koolers

The Koozie Olympus Bucket Kooler is perfect for outdoor party times - with multiple zippered compartments, mesh pockets, a heat-sealed PEVA lining, bottom ice draining, an attached bottle opener and seven can coolers all in a collapsible form. It will also maintain ice for up to 12 hours. Add your logo into that mix and this is a serious piece of cooling kit!

8. Koozie Slim Can Koolers

Koozies are also available to cater for drinks in slimmer cans – as this Slim Can Kooler shows. Made specifically for those 8 ounce cans of specialty soft drinks, juice drinks, cocktails and more, you can choose from five colors and add your logo or message to customize.

9. Fanny Pack Koolers

You can look cool as well as keep your drinks cool, with this insulated Fanny Pack Kooler which can hold three of your favorite cans. A zippered compartment, front zippered pocket, heat-sealed PEVA liner and an adjustable waist strap with buckle closure can all be topped off with your logo printed for some fanny pack promotion!

10. Customized Koozies

That is quite the list of customized koozies to cope with – but how about we finish off with something which adds comfort into the mix? How about this Koozie Kamping Chair? It’s 33 1/2" x 34 5/8" x 21 2/8" and is made of 600 Denier polyester with a silver steel frame, includes a padded seat for added comfort. Most importantly in the context of this blog it has a three-can capacity beverage cooler in the armrest and a carrying bag with strap. Choose from four colors and add your logo for a really impressive customization!

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