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Custom Apparel: A Marketing Strategy That’s More Than Just Clothes

20th November 2023 in Marketing & branding

When it comes to promotional products branded apparel is a smash hit with consumers. It is practical and allows consumers to showcase their love for a brand while out and about. From t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and caps when it comes to printed apparel the options are endless so it’s no wonder it’s as popular as it is.

Benefits of personalized apparel

• Self-expression

Apparel printed with your business logo is a great way to allow fans and customers to express their love for you visually. Whether printed on a beanie, shirt or pair of jogger’s custom apparel allows your brand to reap the rewards of customer loyalty through increased brand awareness and visibility.

• Team Spirit

Giving away promotional apparel is an easy way to boost team spirit and morale. When teams wear matching uniforms or jerseys, they naturally feel more connected to each other and to the team, allowing for increased motivation and performance.

• Versatility

Personalized apparel can be used in a variety of ways from employee uniforms, event giveaways, fundraising gear, and more. This makes apparel the perfect all-around promotional product allowing your business to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Why apparel makes great promotional products

Now that we have discussed some of the benefits of customized apparel and why it is so successful let’s get down to why apparel makes such brilliant promotional products.

1. Affordable

Surprisingly when bought in bulk branded apparel is incredibly cost-effective making it perfect for businesses of all sizes. Not to mention the minimum order quantity on promotional apparel is typically low so you won’t have to worry about spending money on apparel you don’t need.

2. Range of print methods

When it comes to printing methods nearly all are available for apparel items so whether you’re looking for something more premium such as embroidery or something more cost-effective like screen printing you can be sure to get whatever your heart desires.

3. Practical

Out of all the promotional products we offer, apparel tops the list. Perfect for day-to-day errands, office-working or as a part of an important event, branded apparel can be used in almost any circumstance allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

4. Long-lasting

Unsurprisingly promotional apparel tends to be the promotional item that recipients tend to keep for the longest time. In fact, according to ASI Central, 47% of customers keep a promotional t-shirt for 2 years or longer! That means your brand continues to get the spotlight it deserves years after your initial purchase by creating impressions and raising overall awareness.

5. Diverse

Not quite sure what you’re searching for when it comes to personalized apparel? No need to worry, here at EverythingBranded we stock a wide range of apparel so if you’d rather get long-sleeved shirts over short-sleeved shirts or a beanie with a pompom with promotional apparel your needs can be easily matched.

Still not fully convinced of the power of custom apparel? Well, statistics don’t lie and to prove it we’ve handily sourced and produced an infographic highlighting why you should seriously consider utilizing personalized apparel in your next marketing campaign.



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