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16th August 2019 in Green & Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly products are great, but biodegradable products are where it’s really at…

These days, we consider the environment in pretty much everything we do. We recycle more and have significantly reduced our use of single-use plastics. The promotional product business is no exception. Sustainability is playing an ever-increasing role in promotional products, offering a host of new possibilities. And biodegradable products are at the forefront of this. So if you want to give your customers a great product while doing your bit for the environment and promoting your brand through social responsibility, maybe you need one of EverythingBranded’s biodegradable products.  

Custom Biodegradable Lego Shaped USB Drive

from $5.04 Pull off a big green gesture with an eco-friendly take on a promotional classic. This custom biodegradable Lego-shaped USB drive is made using biodegradable materials for effective, easy eco-friendly advertising that's sure to turn heads and make impressions. It's CE, FCC, ISO 9001, Prop 65, RoHS compliant and will feature your imprint in unique raised logo imprinting. These are perfect for almost any event or occasion!


Biodegradable Two Color Pen

from $0.31 Why not consider this eco-friendly two-colored ballpoint pen at your next promotional event or trade show? Made from 31 per cent recycled material and 50 per cent biodegradable material, the pen is made with recycled paper and PLA, which is a natural-based plastic made from corn, an annually renewable resource. The recipient of this pen will appreciate the example that your company is setting for the rest of the industry. Products not intended for use by children or pets.

Biodegradable Eco friendly Jute Wine Three Bottle Bag

from $1.30 Jute Bags provide an ecological and natural alternative to all other bags made up of synthetics. Due to its unique durability, versatility and its organic nature, jute is considered as the fibre of the future. This biodegradable Jute shopping bag features an outer pocket, dyed gusset and reinforced handle. It’s also great for carrying your company’s logo.
Biodegradable Eco Friendly Jute Wine Three Bottle Bag

Biodegradable Lipstick Look USB Flash Drive

from $5.04 Go with a promotional USB flash drive that makes data transfer easier than ever, all with a green, biodegradable touch. These innovative devices provide up to 32GB or storage space and are durable enough to include on your key chain. Plug and play with wide compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It doesn't require batteries, software and cable, making them easy to use and compact to transport. Simply plug it into any USB port and your computer will automatically detect it (Windows 98 needs driver installed). Choose from capacities ranging from 1GB - 32GB and add your brand to this eco-friendly option today! BiodegradableLipstickLookUSBFlashDrive


Join EverythingBranded’s fight against plastic and #GoEco. Shape the future of your business today with our eco-friendly branded products, which can be custom designed and printed with your company logo and details. Visit our full eco range by clicking here, or if you would like to get in contact with a member of our team, send us an enquiry.

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