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Promotional Stress balls

Custom stress balls for maximum brand exposure

Stress balls are objects that fit in the palm of one’s hand, and are used primarily to relieve stress by manipulating or throwing the item.

‘Stress balls’ are also known as ‘stress relievers’, and they are commonly found in both offices and homes. Although typically of a spherical shape with a diameter of approximately 5.7 centimetres (2.25 inches), stress balls can come in all shapes, colours, designs and sizes. Stress balls can range from soft and squishy to hard, and depending on their firmness, they can provide noise, texture, absorb force, be smooth, or have a weightiness, that helps to relieve stress. Many stress balls contain gel or other substances, which affect the density and flexibility of the object, and they may also include noisemakers including chimes. View our collection of Workplace products that are ideal for the office environment. Explore our range today!

View our collection of Promotional Balls. Explore our range now!



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