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Industry Insights: Why use promotional products?

22nd August 2022 in Marketing & branding

Whatever your industry, it’s a well-known fact that using branded promotional products as part of a marketing plan makes great sense. With the logo of your business, organization, campaign, charity, or event ‘out there’ and highly visible in public, no-one can ignore you and brand awareness will increase exponentially. Real world people seeing items with your identity on them has a knock-on effect – and it’s widely understood that using branded promotional items can be a shortcut to success.

It's worth thinking about examples of sectors which use promotional materials more than others and talking about the impact they have. So, which sectors successfully use promotional products?


1. Promotion in the entertainment industry


Many strands of the entertainment industry use promotional products of one kind or another. Think about a popular film. Let’s use JAWS as our example. This shark epic is now almost 50 years old - and there is still a succession of desirable promo merch being produced all the time. Often this is for sale through retail websites and in stores, but small items such as keychains or pens get handed out as freebies at special screenings or fan conventions etc. These promotional items become highly collectible - but, more importantly, they keep brand awareness high and prolong the life of ‘the product’. Similarly, no self-respecting band or show out on tour is without a merch table packed with promotional goodiest-shirts, mugs, keychains, posters, USB sticks etc.


2. Promotion in the education sector


Promotional products for education are a smart way to highlight your organization within the education sector, particularly higher education. There are great opportunities to promote your relevant business or educational establishment by providing giveaway merchandise at college fairs, college expos, workshops, seminars, education conferences, open days, and other related events. Popular items include decals, portfolio, pens, mugs, water bottles, rucksacks and caps.


3. Promotion in the financial sector


Branded products for finance are big business! You may be surprised to discover that banks, credit unions, insurance brokers and similar types of institutions use products to promote their brand and build trust in relationships with their customers. Banks have long used promotional merchandise as an incentive – for example when a new customer opens an account they are also given small items of thanks such as stress balls, piggy banks, mugs or keychains.


4. Promotion in the healthcare sector


A vast number of medical industry businesses are savvy about marketing and often use promotional items for health-care messages or brand awareness. Doctors’ offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, pharma manufacturers and suppliers as well as health-care campaigners all know that branded merchandise is a great way to reach people. Promo items include ice packs, pill boxes, first aid kits and stress balls.


5. Promotion in non-profits & community organizations  


Really good swag for non-profit organizations is a must as these worthy businesses and collectives often run-on word of mouth, donations, and public support. These promotional items are given out at community events, festivals, and open days to spread awareness about their social mission. Things like wristbands, caps, mugs, tumblers, tote bags and lanyards all feature strongly as great brand awareness giveaways or fundraising small sales in the non-profit and community sector.


6. Promotion in the real estate sector


Promo products for realtors can make a big difference. By providing a welcome (and welcoming) gift, a smart estate professional can raise awareness and also project a certain quality for their business. It’s the perfect way to ensure productive and helpful relationships between realtor and client. Some of the best branded products for realtors are door hangers to dot about for viewings, and more homely items like calendars and fridge magnets, but mugs are always a win! Everyone likes coffee, right?


Different businesses will have different ideas about exactly what constitutes a smart and successful marketing campaign, and some industries use promotional products far more than others as it’s more appropriate to their brand. But, whether you’re heavily reliant on physical promo or more geared towards an online presence and so only an ‘occasional user’, one fact always remains: promotional merchandise is a way to massively up your game.

People love to receive freebies or be offered small sale items (mugs, keychains) which are printed with a product, service, or brand they value or are interested in. These items engender loyalty as well as being a recurring reminder of you – and if the item is useful to them in their daily lives, even better. EverythingBranded can help you find exactly the right promotional products to suit your sector’s appropriate requirements, and position you in people’s lives...

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