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What’s Hot for 2020?

28th January 2020

Keep up with the latest promotional trends

Go Green!

Getting involved with the latest marketing trends is a great way for businesses to receive better recognition and brand awareness. If a business is on-trend and knowledgeable about what’s hot, chances are customers will take more interest in your brand. One of the most talked-about trends of 2020 so far, is the desire for environmentally friendly merchandise. In 2019 we started to see the shift in people’s approach to saving the planet and this eco-trend is only said to increase in 2020. Our wide selection of eco merchandise would make the perfect gift your loyal customers this 2020. Stand out from the competition at your next exhibition with our branded reusable straws and recycled pens, which can be custom designed and printed with your company logo. Did you know - 1,000,000 sea creatures are killed every year from single-use plastic bags

Keep it connected

Technology is an essential part of everyday life as we know it today, which is why for 2020 USB and Tech merchandise will be on trend with your customers. EverythingBranded USA has a wide range of Tech and USB merchandise, all of which would look amazing with your company logo on. WOW your customers this 2020, with your own branded power banks, speakers, USB's or mobile wallet. Did you know - Over 3.8 billion people use the internet today, which is 40% of the world's population.

Don’t leave your clients thirsty

In 2019 drinkware products witnessed a huge growth in the market, especially with the introduction of reusable and eco-friendly properties. For the upcoming months of 2020, the demand for drinkware will continue to rise and we will also start to see a rise in drinkware accessories such as glassware, bottle openers, coolers bags and more.  Did you know - 21% of US consumers own branded drinkware For further information on our range get in contact today with our team via our chat service or give us a call on 1800-586-1615.

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