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Top Promotional Products For Trade shows

13th February 2019 in Exhibitions & trade shows

Thinking of attending a trade show this year? Promotional products are a great way to create a buzz at your next tradeshow. EverythingBranded takes a closer look at our own branded trade show products.

Giving out promotional products at trade shows will help to attract potential customers to your stand and will help generate leads. By printed your business logo onto a product, it will make it easier for people to recognize your brand. Making your exhibition stand visible and attractive from a distance is vital to make the most of the investment you have made in being there, so the small cost of some promotional balloons, a branded pendant banner, or bunting with your brand emblazoned on them, can really help people to find you in a large venue. In a lot of industry specific trade shows there are many companies who provide the same products or services as you do, so standing out amongst the crowd is a must as many consumers don’t use the hall map that is supplied on entry. They usually wander around and are drawn to the most appealing stands, rather than seeking out specific companies. Make sure you are the trade show stall they are drawn to.

Water Bottles

One the best giveaways for trade shows sports bottles will be used again and again by your customers. They can be printed in a range of colors to suit your brand. Your customers will take them to work, gym and on any business trips. Reusable water bottles have a long life span and will help reduce waste from cardboard or plastic cups.

USB Flash Drives

A useful promotional product for any businesses, keeping any notes and presentations from a conference, monthly reports, or invoices safe and to hand. Promotional USB flash drives and devices make perfect giveaways with their large surface areas for printing your brand and quirky styles. This product will turn heads and are remembered fondly and used long after an event.

Technology Accessories

Guaranteed to leave a more lasting impression with your brand and a higher quality product that people will appreciate more. Tech products like power banks will be get on a desk and your customers will be reminded of your brand daily. Smart wallets are perfect as visitors to your stall can easily stick them to the back of phones and will hold any cards or cash.


An inexpensive product to promote your brand, your customers will take these pens back to their offices as well as a positive impression of your brand. Promotional pens can easily be customized with your business logo and can vary in price depending on your marketing budget.

Tote Bags

Branded bags are an affordable promotional product for any sized business. They offer a large branding area, making it perfect for bold and bright designs. Your customers will keep these bags for years and wherever they take the bag they'll be promoting your brand.

EverythingBranded USA offers a wide range of promotional products for trade shows. Check out some of our favorites…


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