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Tee off on your marketing campaigns with promotional golf products

22nd March 2018


Master your marketing campaign with golf products

It won’t be long until Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are making their way around Amen Corner at Augusta National Club. The 2018 Masters tees off in a couple of weeks so it’s the perfect time about how golf and promotional golf products can be used as part of any marketing or fundraising efforts. Networking days A round of golf can be a great way to get to know potential business partners and clients. Company golf days are a great way to build relationships with people from the first tee to the clubhouse bar after 18 holes. Here are a few dos and don’ts we recommend to get the most out of a networking day. Don’t chat business on the course Use the time on the course to get to know each other. Chatting about your businesses is fine but let’s not try and broker any deals while trudging up the 10th fairway with your partner stuck in a green-side bunker. Don’t lose your temper Golf is one of the most frustrating sports about. You can hit a driver off the tee right in the middle of the fairway. Then you get your trusty 7-iron out and you club it 25 yards ahead of you. Whatever happens, don’t lose your temper. Chill out, enjoy the company you’re with. They’ll enjoy your company far more if you’re not tossing clubs in the nearest pond or wrapping them around an oak tree Know the rules and don’t cheat! The basics of golf are easy enough to understand. Understanding the basics will save you a fair bit of embarrassment on the course. On the flip side of the coin, don’t break those rules you know so well. If you’ve landed a couple of inches off the fairway, don’t give it a little kick to a better lie. Also, don’t knock a couple of shots off the scorecard. Have fun If you’re using a round of golf for networking, then it’s got to be fun.

Promotional products

There is a great market for promotional golf products. Whether you’re looking for personalised balls, printed tees, custom-designed towels or branded tags, EverythingBranded.com can help you out. Promotional products at golf events isn’t just for fundraising, networking or charity events. You’ll find golf Masters memorabilia all over Augusta National in a couple of weeks’ time. It’s the same principle. Printed products help raise awareness of a brand, so when you see the famous Augusta National artwork on the TV – it’s because of promotional products.

For more information about promotional products, and to check out the range of promotional golf products see, Promotional Golf Items

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