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Small Business Week 2018

30th April 2018

Small Business Week 2018

The first week of May is Small Business Week, celebrating the innovation and development of small businesses in the USA. These small businesses are vital for American economy, accounting for nearly half of America's workforce. To be exact, 47.8% of America's workers are employed by small business owners. Small Business Week has been observed since 1963, acknowledging the work that small business owners do to help keep America running. With nearly 30 million small businesses established in the USA, they have a distinct effect on the American economy with the sheer amount of additional jobs they create. Small businesses are defined as organizations that have fewer than 500 employees. With small business industries ranging from beauty salons to construction businesses, a range of marketing opportunities need to be available to business owners in order to companies to grow. Many supporters will be taking to Social Media to show their support for local businesses with the hashtag, #SmallBusinessWeek to help them gain recognition and brand awareness. However the digital realm is not the only way to get the message out there. Here at EverythingBranded USA we offer a full range of cost-effective branded products that are perfect for all small business owners to distribute their brand name.

How to Use Promotional Products in Your Marketing Campaign

Promotional products generate continuous impressions, with customers and employees using the products on a regular basis and keeping items for an average of 2 years. The total impressions created from one single promotional product is ongoing and far more than the average tweet! These branded products are an ideal addition to any marketing campaign, introducing another dimension of branding that the customer can physically touch, use and see. Appealing to all senses, printed products are more memorable than the average TV advertisement. With so many promotional products available, from bottle openers to parasols, there are branded products for every business and every budget. Giveaways are always the perfect way to increase business following, branded items that you can give to potential customers that will help build relationships. Statistics suggest that a person is more likely to do business with a company following receipt of a promotional product.

EverythingBranded USA Promotional Products For Small Businesses

Here at EverythingBranded USA we believe in the power of small businesses and the power of promotional products. The effects that these marketing tools can have are astounding, from gaining new customers to retaining your existing ones, the possibilities are endless! Our full range offers something for everyone, from Mini Recycle Bin pencil holders to Mini Desk Fans, take a look and find the best product for your small business, to ensure it grows into a BIG one. Visit our website today, our sales superstars are on hand to advise you. We also have an in-house design team that can provide unlimited free visuals for your product, making sure your design is just right!  

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