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Shark Week 2018 - Sink Your Teeth Into These Facts

23rd July 2018

 What is National Shark Week? Starting from July 22nd is National Shark Week, a time to appreciate how majestic and crucial these animals are to our oceans. Sharks are very vulnerable to overfishing and many species are rapidly declining. The Discovery Channel will be showing a variety of shark documentaries every evening, featuring some little-known facts about the infamous ‘Jaws’ stars. In the meantime, here are some facts for you to sink your teeth into…

  1. Did you know sharks can detect sounds from 800 feet away?
  2. Shark attacks are very rare: the odds of being attacked and killed by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067, you’re more likely to die from fireworks or being struck by lightning. Most Sharks don’t even like the taste of humans, they’re likely to just take a bite and then swim away.
  3. Sharks can have up to seven rows of teeth and they will lose teeth on a regular basis. They’re well known for their ability to smell a drop of blood from miles and miles away.
  4. All sharks are carnivores, most species will eat things like fish, crustaceans, plankton and krill.
  5. As apex predator sharks keep the marine food chain in balance, which makes them a crucial part of the ocean’s ecosystem.
  6. There are sharks living in every ocean on the planet, but due to overfishing, habitat degradation, climate change and over-consumption of their meat many species are becoming endangered. Shark finning is estimated to kill over 100 million sharks a year.
  7. Sharks species have decreased up to 90 percent in the last decade and now they face a future filled with environmental problems.


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