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School Supplies for Students at Home

4th September 2020

Since the pandemic started earlier this year, schools in America have needed to adapt. Safety measures like spacing desks 6 feet apart, performing temperature checks and making sure that students are eating together in smaller groups are a few ways that demonstrate how schools have changed over these past couple of months.

What happened in August 2020?

At the start of August, a few schools across the US reopened since the crisis began. Even though the virus is still out there, schools have recognized the importance of teaching students in an actual school environment with qualified teachers and peers. Throughout August, there was a 90% increase in the number of children with the virus in the US, largely in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. As a result, many schools in America have began to teach students online.

The importance of virtual learning

As it's hard to socially distance in a classroom, schools have chosen to use virtual learning. Schools can use online video platforms where teachers are able to communicate with their students using online video tools. It’s important that schools are able to get their students back in education for various reasons. In the meantime, students will have to learn at home virtually with their teacher or with a parent. To learn effectively, students should have the right school supplies.

Having the right school supplies

Students will need the right school supplies when they are learning at home. Here at EverythingBranded, we offer a range of paper and desk and writing supplies so that students have all the resources they need to learn in the safety of their own home. Here's what our team recommends!

notebook pens

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