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Promotional Products on a Budget

5th September 2022 in Marketing & branding

Looking for effective marketing on a budget? If you are, this doesn’t have to mean cutting corners.

Around 6-12% of your budget should be spent on marketing. This extends to roughly 12-20% if you’re an up-and-coming business. However, promotional merchandise can always be used effectively, despite being on a strict budget. Perhaps you’re looking to spread the word about your business at your next event, promote new discounts you’ll be offering, or wishing to hand out freebies to new customers.

If you are on a budget, it’s a good idea to focus on functional items that customers will appreciate, as opposed to one-off items that can’t be used on an everyday basis.


Custom Pens

Custom pens are perhaps the most invaluable marketing tool on this list. Not only are they great value for money, but they are extremely handy, and can be used by everyone. They can also be passed around, whether that be at work or in the classroom – so your message is sure to be remembered by more than one person!

Here at EverythingBranded, we stock a wide range, from plastic pens through to unusual pens such as our flat multifunctional advertising pen (which can also be used as a ruler or even a bookmark), and all of them are perfect for brand exposure! Pens are also great to throw into customer orders as a complimentary gift. In this way, customers will be encouraged to use your business again and spread the word about what you have to offer. It goes without saying, we all love free stuff! If you have a smaller budget, it’s crucial to find ways of spreading your coverage as much as possible.


Personalized Notebooks

Like the humble pen, notebooks are a great cost-effective choice used by so many people every single day. Everyone needs to note down those important dates and passwords or stick to their routines by ticking off daily to-do lists. If you’re looking to make an even bigger impact, why not pair each notebook with a pen? This is sure to garner great appreciation and recognition for your brand. After all, we all love fresh stationery!

Take a look at our huge variety of notebooks, from traditional spiral ring to sticky pad and pocket. Branded notebooks are used for so many different purposes and, with most containing at least 80 sheets, they’re likely to make a lasting impact on your audience.


Promotional Tote Bags

It’s tricky to find a more functional everyday fashion item than a branded tote bag. Whether you need a new bag for work or a picnic, you can be sure to get plenty of wear out of a custom tote bag! Perhaps more than any other item, the iconic tote bag works to promote your business every time you use it in public. Given its wide surface area, whether you opt for a large logo or short message to engage your target audience, it’s going to do the job well. You aren’t just influencing the person who has taken the tote bag from your event, but everyone around that person every time it makes an appearance on the owner’s shoulder! Check out our customizable tote bag of choice – and remember, value for money increases as you increase order quantity.

If your business takes pride in its environmental responsibility, why not choose our Landscape Recycle Shopping Bag? This is a great eco-friendly option for any business – and whether that’s your focus or not, this bag doesn’t compromise value for money, unlike many other sustainable options for these days.


Printed Keychains

From functional to novelty, we’ve got you covered. If you’re after a promotional keychain that has multiple functions, our aluminum bottle opener key chain is a great choice. With plenty of space to print your logo, the branded keychain doubles up as a bottle opener as well as a great way to keep your keys together – two things we all need! It also acts as a consistent reminder of your brand! Available in a range of colors to suit, you really can’t go wrong!


Custom Mugs

Another daily essential you’re sure to raise brand awareness and get value for money with is the custom mug. Your chance of exposure really does speak for itself, as 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every single week - and that’s not including tea and other hot beverages! Often the first thing people will do in a morning is reach for their caffeine fix, so why not take advantage of this by making your brand the first thing on people’s minds! Our budget mug offers the best value for money and is available in a number of eye-catching colors.

Whatever your choice of promotional item for your business or organization, we have you covered here at EverythingBranded. We also offer one free sample for each item – so feel free to get in touch and test out your design with us today!

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