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"I'll have a P please Dara!" - Your Guide to a Blockbuster 2020

9th January 2020

Have you heard of the four Ps in marketing?

We argue that Promotion is the BIG P!

And here's why.

In this noisy world, being heard helps your brand to be seen, and if it's seen, it has the potential to have the desired outcome. The question is, what's the best way for your brand to be heard and seen? Modern businesses spend so much time in the digital world competing for Likes, Reactions and Shares. All, so that their target customers can be made aware of their proposition. Is it working for you?

What if you reach the customers in a different way, such as the following:

Put your brand in their hands - Productional products offer the ideal opportunity to have your customer exposed to your brand daily. Take a branded bag as an example. An ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) Promotional Product Study* revealed the average consumer retains a promotional bag for 11 months and generates over 3,000 impressions during that period. Make your brand useful - In the same ASI Study, 51% of those surveyed stated that they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them a promo writing instrument. The mighty power of the pen strikes again! Turn your advocates into walking adverts - Who doesn't love a T-Shirt? Especially one that's free! When questioned by the ASI Study, more than two-thirds of respondents stated they kept promo T's for more than a year and almost half for two years! With the average T-Shirt generating approximately 3,500 impressions per annum and the cheapest T costing less than £1, that's an unbeatable cost per impression. There you have it, why Promotional Products must and should, be part of your Marketing Mix for 2020. Need help building the perfect campaign and utilizing the most cost-effective branded products? We are here to help. Please speak with an expert now via our Chat Service.   *Source: https://media.asicentral.com/resources/Global-Ad-Impressions-Study.pdf

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