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Industry Insight: Just How Big is the Promotional Products Market?

30th June 2022 in Marketing & branding

The positive effects of using promotional products to raise brand awareness for your business or organization are well proven. Providing customers, or potential new customers, with an object on which your logo or message is printed is a great way to make sure you’re always with them. 85% of people who are given a promotional item will remember the brand that gave it to them, and 57% of people will hang onto a promotional item given to them for five years or more.

They could be writing a note at home and need a pen – and there’s the one with your logo on it. They could be out and about and need a warm hat – and there’s that one with your logo on it… There are so many products, useful or novelty, which means there are so many opportunities to put yourself into people’s lives. The type of product you choose to use to promote your business or organization, and the quality of it, reflects on the values and status of your company – which is why EverythingBranded stocks a massive array of stuff to cater for all sectors and all budgets.

The figures show that promotional goods is an enormous market. In the US it stands at $17.8 billion for 2021, representing an annual growth rate of almost 2%. That’s a lot of opportunity for promotional items such as pens, caps, t-shirts and more - with your logo or message!

Promo for business is predicted to grow even further during the next five years, as the economy seeks to rebound and rebuild from the impact of the pandemic. Businesses are feeling more optimistic and will increase their advertising expenditure, and new businesses are also expected to be founded. With more businesses and organizations trying to raise their brand awareness, it's a really smart idea to think about how you can do the same - or, with EverythingBranded, do it better.

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