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How Promotional Products Can Help Your Non-profit Or Charity

28th May 2019

With most charities relying on donations to continue their work, it's hard to find the money to go towards promoting awareness. But promotional products like wristbands or badges can go a long way, helping you build a good solid reputation and even give you your investment back.

By having promotional products as part of your fundraiser you'll be able to increase donations and awareness. People will be more likely to donate as they'll receive something in return and your charity will stay with them for years. Promotional products are ranked the number one most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations. Bags are an ideal product for any non-profit event, especially at any events where they might receive any leaflets or drinks and they'll appreciate you giving them something to carry stuff in. Promotional products serve as a way to help deepen the connection between you and your donors and will make them want to keep donating to your charity in the future. Showing off a selection of badges and wristbands on your stand is a great way to attract potential donors.

Top charity giveaways

Branded pens-One of the most common types of promotional products as well, pens can easily be customized with a logo and their lightweight makes them easy to pass on to donors. Promotional stickers-A great product to say thank you to your donors, they can be easily mailed out in an enveloped and won't add much to your postage bill. Custom wristbands-An inexpensive item that people love to wear! They last longer than other promotional items like sweets and pens. Keychains-Ideal for increasing your brand on the go, your supporters will clip these onto their keys or bags.

EverythingBranded charity work

At EverythingBranded we maintain great relationships with charities and non-profits around the world. On occasion, we are happy to donate a number of promotional products to any worthy cause. As well as donating promotional merchandise to your charity, we will also write a blog on our site about your charity. The blog will show off your charity and hopefully give it a little extra online exposure. If this sounds like something of interest, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team 1800-586-1615, they’ll be able to discuss a charity partnership with your group.

Here at EverythingBranded USA we offer a huge range of branded charity products for all your fundraising needs, check out some of our favorites...

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