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Greenpeace Day & Environmentally Friendly Promotions

15th September 2022 in Green & Eco-Friendly

Environmentally friendly promotional products are a smart way to raise brand awareness – and 15th September is a great day to focus on them.

Over the decades the organizations which grew out of the counterculture in the 1960s have become recognized as powerful agents for social change. Whether you agree with them at the political level or not, there’s no denying that organizations making efforts to highlight the condition of our planet are a valuable part of our social eco-system, even if the net result of their efforts is just more debate.

Whether they’re pressuring larger corporations to behave more ethically in terms of environmental impact (on the climate, say, or on marine life), lobbying against nuclear weapons or pressing the authorities for more development of a green energy framework, these organizations and campaign groups often project important issues into the public domain which might otherwise remain hidden, small, or forgotten.

The most globally recognized of these groups is Greenpeace, a name synonymous with not just environmental concerns but also direct activism. This sometimes contentious organization was founded in 1971, does not accept funding from corporations or government so it can remain politically impartial, and has worked on a vast number of eco campaigns since its inception.

Now, on September 15th, the environmentally concerned across the planet will celebrate Greenpeace Day. It's an event commemorating environmental activism and peaceful protest as means to achieve a better world. Greenpeace’s aim is to bring together its global network of campaign groups in order to work intelligently and coherently towards a green peace for the planet.


Why is Sustainability so Important?


Sustainability is important across the business sector as some resources are finite, so the world has to learn to fulfil current needs without impacting those of future generations. Finding a manageable balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being is all-important in 2022 and beyond.

Whether you agree with the particular approach and methods Greenpeace employs towards making a better planet, everyone in now aware that mankind has a big impact on his environment - and should be willing to go a little distance towards helping. In other words, we all need to ‘do our bit’.

Here at EverythingBranded we recognize that the awareness of these issues is rising all the time, and more and more businesses are committing themselves to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly way of doing things. Therefore, we can supply products for environmentally friendly merchandising. We offer many eco promotional products which have three key benefits. In the first and most important instance they fulfil ethical requirements, but eco custom promo items also clearly demonstrate your commitment to those ethics and, of course, they promote your business.

If you are looking for customized eco pens or personalized eco notebooks to use in the promotional of your business, organization, campaign, or event, we can supply. We stock these items alongside a whole host of others, and here we pick some of our favorites…


Our Top 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Promo Items


  1. ‘Living off the land’ is the ideal for some people, but the truth is that as a society we are way beyond that – in other words, everyone needs to go shopping for groceries at some point during a week. What can you do to reduce the impact of that? Rather than buy a new bag or series of bags each time you go to the store, using a Natural Tote is a great start. As promotional giveaways, they look great – bright and clear – with your logo printed on them and will raise brand awareness for you as they get carried around.
  2. Smart and sensible notebooks are always a great promotional tool to give to your customers, clients and friends, and this Color Pop Journal will make the right impression. A hardbound paper cover (which can be printed with your logo), containing 80 sheets of lined recycled paper with attractive colored edges, and expandable accordion pocket means a quality gift, giveaway, or small sale item.
  3. Perhaps you want to use something a bit more ‘social’ for your eco-friendly giveaways. If that’s the case then a Wheat Straw Coffee Mug printed with your logo could be just the thing. As coffee has become more and more ‘portable’ over the last couple of decades, people are becoming more familiar with taking their own brew in their own mug. Offering one of these attractive microwave and dishwasher-safe wheat straw mugs will make sure your brand gets seen everywhere.
  4. If you’re in retail then you will certainly need packaging for your products – and perhaps this Seed Paper bag is the perfect match for you. It could be used for clothing, edible treats or anything else light in weight. With your logo printed directly onto the seed paper exterior, it’s a brilliant way to highlight your eco credentials. Made from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mixture of wildflower seeds, the novelty of having a bag your customer can plant in their garden after use is a really friendly touch.
  5. You could be a bar or restaurant, and if you serve food you might also want to offer up your commitment to an eco-way of going about your business. Serving on a Bamboo Veneer Disposable Eco Plate is a neat way to promote a greener planet by avoiding plastic plates. They also look great so there’s a whole esthetic angle there for you, and they’re made from sustainable, renewable bamboo. These 9” plates are lightweight but strong and they’re even compostable after use!

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