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Different print types with the Royal Wedding

16th April 2018

Different print types with the Royal Wedding

In a recent blog we looked at how your brand can take advantage of this year’s Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As part of that blog we discovered that the print for the invitations was performed on a machine from the 1930s that the printer affectionately named Maude. Thankfully we print machines and methods we use to print your artwork on our vast range of promotional products is a little more modern than old Maude. We’ll take you through some of those print types and how they can be the perfect choice for your printed items.

Silkscreen Print

An old school method than still has more than a place at the table in a modern world. Ideal for printing large areas like promotional bags and printed clothing. The silkscreen print is a low-cost way of delivering a durable and hard-wearing print finish.

Laser Engraved

The precision laser beam engraving your artwork on a stylish metal product can create a stunning design suitable for the Royal Wedding. The laser cutting into the metal creates the most durable form of printing in the industry. The fantastic and permanent visual effect is outweighed by the fact laser engraving is likely to cost a little more.

Transfer print

This is possibly the most common form of print – because it can be used on any product at any time. A specially produced sticker of your artwork is heat sealed on for a permanent print. Compared to the silkscreen print it does take a bit longer when it comes to lead times though.


Perfect for your printed t-shirt, promotional cap or a stylish bath robe or towel. A machine will stitch your design into your promotional product to build up your artwork. It’s the longest lasting and more durable of the clothing print types.

More prints and more information

Whether you’re planning on getting promotional products printed for the Royal Wedding, or your just looking for more information on our print techniques, give our experienced team a call on 1800-586-1615 or head to our homepage at EverythingBranded.com.

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