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Bring America Recycles Day into the office!

15th November 2018

Each year on November 15th, millions of people across the United States take part in America Recycles Day, a day which was created to raise awareness about recycling and the purchasing of recycled products.

Over 90% of businesses who recycle within their office agreed that having a designated area and clearly labelled bins resulted in employees actively choosing to recycle at work.

Use America Recycles Day as your motivation to recycle at work

  • Create an environmental committee. Spread the word, send around an email or pin up a suggested meeting time on the notice board. Don’t just ask you favorite colleagues, you will be surprised at how many people have a strong voice when it comes to recycling at work.  People in different departments will all have a different interpretation of key issues in regards to environmental impact, so it’s good to have a varied group. Once the committee is established, set up a weekly/monthly meeting where you discuss and make sure important environmental issues are being correctly dealt with, and in the most cost effective way.
  • Communication. Make sure everyone in your business is aware of the facilities they can use to recycle at work and encourage their use. Update employees on other practices or changes you’re putting forward through a monthly “Environmental Committee” email newsletter. Communicate and involve your colleagues by asking them if they have any suggestions they would like you to bring up on behalf of them.
  • Research. Once you have the results on your waste audit, you can prioritize which areas your business needs to work on recycling, reusing and reducing.
  • Keep records of the amount of waste that is recycled at work and the amount of resources you use. This helps monitor how effective your new recycling system is and whether you need to take any extra steps to reduce your office waste.

Reduce Waste With Promotional Products

Promotional products not only improve your marketing campaigns, they can help you reduce overall waste in your office as well. By investing in recycled promotional products or eco friendly ones such as reusable cups and bags, your company can reduce the amount of wastage produced by your office workers. Encourage employees to use their reusable cups rather disposable ones. Having the products branded helps to promote your brand and your eco-friendly values.

To celebrate America Recycles Day EverythingBrandedUSA takes a closer look at our promotional recycled products!

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