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18th June 2019 in Green & Eco-Friendly

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The world is becoming more eco conscious. Of that there’s no doubt. At home, there are many things we can, and are, doing. But what can businesses do to improve their carbon footprint? 1. Reduce your plastic waste We all know we should be buying less bottled water, drinking fewer coffees in disposable cups and refusing straws in bars. But have you thought about how your business could be contributing to the huge amount of plastic waste we create every year? Do you have a water cooler that's used with a sleeve of plastic disposable cups? Could you ask staff to bring reusable cups, or could you buy them a reusable water bottle each?

At EverythingBranded, we supply a huge range of custom water bottles that can be branded with your company’s logo, or even the names of individuals. If you host meetings and provide lunch, there's plastic waste. Can you find a company that serves food in biodegradable packaging, or buy from a local business that let you use your own reusable plates and trays?

2. Promote your business with eco-friendly products If you attend trade shows or industry conferences, you might have a range of promotional items for your business. Many promotional goods that are printed or embossed with your logo aren't made in a green and sustainable way. However, EverythingBranded has a range of EcoFriendly products which is expanding all the time.From cups and water bottles to pens, pencils and bags, from notepads and lanyards to toys, keyrings and badges, check out our range. You’ll enjoy the benefits that giving promotional products to customers brings, with the added bonus of doing your bit to look after the planet.

3. Swap to renewable energy sources If more businesses switch to renewable energy to power their premises and digital platforms, it could make a huge difference to the environment. Not only will this help to improve your green credentials, but it can save you money and reduce how much you rely on the world's dwindling supply of fossil fuels. Consider using green website hosting, switching to a renewable energy provider, or even installing solar panels.

4. Encourage your staff to use greener forms of transport Transport emissions are responsible for around 29 per cent of the U.S. carbon footprint. If you can encourage staff to use greener forms of public transport, this could have a massive effect on the environmental impact of your business. For example, if your business offers company cars, you could consider offering electric options. Or you could  provide incentives for your employees to carpool, or even cycle or walk to work. Perhaps you could set up a prize draw for employees if they travel on an emission-free form of transport so many times a month?

5. Recycle your electronics The computer that’s been sitting on the desk alone for months, the printer that never works, or the mobile phones that even the 1980s wouldn’t want back – we’ve all got them. But instead of ditching them, it might be worth looking at more eco-friendly solutions. The United Nations University’s Global E-waste Monitor predicted global E-waste is due to hit 52.2 million metric tonnes by the end of 2021. All of these points might seem like small changes, but together they can lead to big differences and a different mindset.

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