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Send a Sweet Message with Branded Candy Giveaways

19th December 2018 in Days of the year

Candy is the staple of all major holidays, as much as turkey is on Christmas and eggs on Easter. Jenn Ellek, Director of Trade Marketing and Communications for the National Confectioners Association states "Those Big Four holidays: Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, account for as much as 54 percent of total annual candy purchasing volume. If you add in the promotional times that happen before and even the week after those holidays, that accounts for more than half of the weeks in the year,” Ellek adds.

Candy will always be a popular form of promotion. Personalized mints and individually wrapped chocolate favours at weddings & exhibitions are staple. Why? Because they are guaranteed to be enjoyed and remembered. Branded candy giveaways are a particularly effective marketing tool. At trade shows, it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd, sending potential customers home with a unique reminder of your business can help them to remember you. In addition to offering promotional candy at trade shows, you can position it in prominent locations throughout your office and offer some to your clients during meetings. From fun promotional lollipops, to the classic pack of gum, your clients will enjoy their gifts!


National Hard Candy Day is observed annually on December 19.

Did you know...

  • Most hard candies are 100% sugar with flavoring and colors added. To achieve a hard candy, confectioners boil a sugar syrup to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature is reached, the hot, pliable sugar is poured into molds or rolled and folded into shapes and left to cool. Once cool, the solid sugar becomes hardened and brittle.
  • The first hard candies such as lemon drops and peppermints were likely prescribed as a remedy for stomach ailments.
  • Hard candy became popular in the seventeenth century as sugar prices fell.  Previously, hard candy was something that only the well-to-do could afford.  By the mid-1800s, over 400 companies were manufacturing this popular treat.

To celebrate National Hard Candy Day, we take a closer look at some of our custom branded candy giveaways!

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