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Celebrating National Wilderness Month

14th September 2022 in Days of the year

Ours is a beautiful country – and there’s nowhere quite like ‘the great outdoors’, full of awe-inspiring landscapes and amazing cultural sites which are rich with diverse animal and plant life. As a nation we should feel privileged to be the custodians of these incredible environments, and thankful we can be constantly amazed and inspired all year round.

However, September is a particularly special time as it’s National Wilderness Month. This celebration was proclaimed by President Obama back in 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act (itself signed into law by President Johnson in 1964). That original Act itself altered conservation law relating to public land, leading to many national and state parks being established across the country.

In 2013 Obama said: “Our country’s protected wild spaces continue to serve as a backdrop for curious and adventurous Americans to seek the thrill and joy of connecting with the sacred spirit of our country’s wilderness”. Beautifully put – and National Wilderness Month is a formally recognized annual occasion for our nation to recommit to their preservation and protection – both for us, today, and for future generations.

For you, as a business or organization, club, society, or campaign related to the outdoor life, it’s a great opportunity to think about how you go about promoting your activities. You could be a school, college or youth group taking kids on a hike or to a camp. You could be a group focused on outdoor activities for adults, you could be a cycling club, a hiking club, a society dedicated to a particular beauty spot, or even a charity putting together an event taking place in the great outdoors…

During National Wilderness Month you can anticipate a lot of activities happening up and down the country. Obviously, all year-round people love camping or hiking and visiting beauty spots, or even being in the park or their own yard – but every September awareness of it is particularly heightened due to the focus National Wilderness Month brings.

A seriously effective way to reach people is to use customized camping equipment – that’s to say, useful camping items which have been printed with your identity, logo, or message. They’ll reach out to those who use them – and, crucially, to others who see them, and increase brand awareness.

Items such as multi-tools, lamps, fold-up chairs, camping mugs, picnic blankets and even branded outdoor clothing, are all effective ways to market to people while they’re having fun. People are always more receptive to messaging, whether overt or subtle, when they’re having fun. Whatever sort of business or organization you are, promotional camping tools and branded outdoor goods are really smart ways you can get your message out there and raise awareness of what it is that you do, perhaps attracting new members or raising funds (if you offer small sale items).


Five of the finest items we offer, here at EverythingBranded, which are really suitable to tie-in with National Wilderness Month are:

  1. This Foldable Waterproof Container with Solar Light has a few functions which people will find useful. The top unscrews to access a waterproof storage area (useful for medicines, first aid kits etc) and the lantern function can be charged by solar or even USB. Light modes include flashing signal, which could come in handy in emergencies.
  2. An aluminum Picnic Bento Box immediately suggests “genuine camping” and so has an amazingly authentic outdoors aesthetic, adding to the pleasure of experiencing staying in the great outdoors for anyone who uses it. High quality and eco-friendly – and will look amazing printed with your logo.
  3. You could even think about ‘going big’ and producing a really prestige branded promotional product for National Wilderness Month, like this Koozie Kamp 2 Person Tent. Imagine something this impressive being elevated further by your logo.
  4. A Multi-Purpose Knife is always a good option as one of your promotional camping tools choices. Looking smart with your logo and providing the user with really handy scissors, nail file, toothpick, and tweezers, this is a great gift or small sale item which will certainly get some proper use out there in the wild!
  5. What do you do once you get there? It’s a question often asked, and during National Wilderness Month the answer is usually “sit and take in the view”. But if sitting means messing up clothes, people are going to want a blanket. Something lightweight enough to carry and washable after use. This Aztec Roll-Up Blanket fits the bill, and even comes with its own carry handle, too.

Whatever you decide to use as the personalized camping tools or other useful items for promotion during National Wilderness Month, we can supply from EverythingBranded. All of our items will look fantastic with your logo printed on them. Remember, if you are concerned about environmental issues as a business or organization, that we offer many eco-options too.

More than anything else, though, enjoy the outdoors – or, as Obama put it, “the thrill and joy of connecting with the sacred spirit” of our country!

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