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Beanies & How You Can Promote Your Brand This Winter

21st October 2022 in Winter & Christmas

Winter is fast approaching! Remember when you were told to put that hat back on as a child because it would actually keep you warm? That’s right, beanies are designed to do just that, whilst becoming quite the fashion trend.

With beanies, the choice is endless… and there are so many options for you to jump on as a business. As we have explained in several of our previous blogs on topics such as merchandising and brand loyalty, choosing items which the recipient will find useful on a daily basis promotes maximum brand exposure and memorability, making them much more likely to buy from your brand or use your services in the future. Promotional beanies are a functional item which will draw in customers as a result of you adding real value to their lives and making them feel appreciated.

Who can use customized beanies as part of their merchandising strategy, you may ask? Beanies are items which don’t tend to have a strict limit on when or where they can be worn. If it’s cold outside, or you’re on a ski trip – wear a beanie. If you fancy making a fashion statement on a night out – you may also choose to wear a beanie. As an item that tends to be worn in public, that’s a whole lot of opportunity to get your brand recognized.

In the same way, companies can use branded beanies to make an impact in many different scenarios. Perhaps you’re someone who works in the winter sports industry where printed beanies go hand in hand with the types of products you already stock. Or perhaps you’re a business operating outside of the clothing industry but live in a state with freezing winters.  Here you could use beanies as part of your merchandise at your next event, giving visitors something to keep them warm throughout the winter. The list goes on…


Let’s take a look at our top 5 favorites…


  1. Classic beanie: this beanie adopts a simple and wearable design with ample space for you to brand – ideal for a winter trade show or giveaway. Choose from a number of unisex colors. One size fits all, so no need to worry about ordering multiple sizes for your event.
  2. Pom Pom beanie: Add winter-themed style with this swiss knitted pom pom beanie. With thicker material, this is a great choice for cold winter weather. Alternatively, this is the perfect option if you’re looking to appeal to the winter sports industry.
  3. Beanie with headphones: Forgot your headphones? No problem! Style meets functionality with this beanie, featuring sewn in headphones. Made from cozy materials, this beanie is bound to keep customers warm and entertained, all at the same time!
  4. Beanie with LED light: Let customer know you appreciate them with this ultra-soft beanie, complete with a rechargeable LED light – perfect for those dark winter nights. With a battery life of up to 10 hours, this beanie is great for camping, running, or walking, without the need to carry a flashlight! It also comes with 3 different brightness levels.
  5. Novelty beanie: Looking to add some fun into the customer experience? Then this Viking-style horn beanie, or cow cartoon beanie is sure to do the trick. Perhaps, with Halloween coming up, you’d like to opt for this Halloween Ghosts LED knitted beanie. These customized beanies are great for drawing attention to your business.


This is by no means a comprehensive selection of what we offer here at EverythingBranded. Beanies are a great way to keep customers thinking of your brand and its message this winter. Browse our extensive range of beanies here.

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