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Cheers to International Beer Day 2022

1st August 2022 in Days of the year

International Beer Day has been celebrated every August 5th since 2008. It’s a chance for people to raise a glass and pay homage to the glorious drink, and it takes place in pubs, beer gardens and backyards across the country. The day began as an occasion on which the craft of brewing could be recognized – and to thank those who brew – but it also quickly evolved into a celebration of bartenders and other beer technicians too. The founders’ aim was that people would gather with friends each IBD to give thanks and enjoy the taste of beer, and that the world would unite under the banner of beer by celebrating beers of all nations.

Of course, a huge number of people don’t need a recognized ‘Day’ to celebrate beer, as this tasty and most often alcoholic drink is such an important part of our culture. Research shows that Americans drink around 6.5 billion gallons of beer annually (but not each!) so that’s approximately 52 billion pints of the stuff. An average of approximately 350 pints per year, or 6 pints per week, each person in the US. Not an insignificant amount…

That’s a lot of times per year that a glass or beer cup is raised to someone’s lips, and all those times present a marketing opportunity for any business, organization or campaign. People are known to be more receptive to messaging when they’re having fun, or when their guard is down slightly due to the effects of alcohol. It’s a great time to point them in your direction by featuring your logo or some messaging on branded beer glasses and other drinkware. That could mean printed beer bottles, branded bottle openers and coasters or novelty items like key tags or beer bottle-shaped Stress balls. At EverythingBranded we have so many perfect promotional items for beer festivals, bars, cafes, restaurants and any other kind of place or event at which beer will be served.

It might be the case that you’re a smart micro-brewery or craft beer stall at a beer festival, which has taken great care over keeping a cool identity and making sure the beer brand is perfectly repped on premises and in the marketplace. We stock plenty of promotional beer glasses and other items which are great for branding up and using as stock, or for giveaways and maybe even to put on sale. Beer festivals are big business and people do like to keep a souvenir – what better than a mug or beer glass with your logo or messaging on it? Branded products for bars and other places where beer is taken are a great way to reach customers and friends.


Our 5 Favorite Beer-Related Promo Items

  1. It’s a bold one to start our run-down with, but this Beer Drinking Hat is perfect for sports events - or parties where there’s a little bit of crazy in the air! It has a cup holder on each side of the hat, with a straw that can be inserted into each. Your logo could feature prominently on this fun item!
  2. More fun and games, this time with a Beer Pong Set - perfect for tailgates, parties, and tournaments, or even home games. 20 top quality red cups and four ping pong balls are included and branded up with your logo you’re going to be right there when people are having the most fun!
  3. Kick-off your celebrations with this Boot-Shaped Light-Up Beer Mug. It’s perfect for International Beer Day, Oktoberfest, July 4th celebrations, summer festivals and, in fact, any time at all when beer is on the menu. It cycles through 8 LED functions and will light up everyone’s libations!
  4. This classic Britannia Beer Stein has a classic English pub styling - so it’s perfect for the more discerning micro-brewery or bar to use as their vessel of choice. Imprinted with a logo, it’s a smart beer stein with a distinctive vibe. There are so many different designs of glasses and beer mugs here at EverythingBranded that you really have to browse our website to see the full scope and potential of our stock!
  5. This Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Opener is a classic design, and when it’s printed with your logo it’s the perfect promotional tool. It could be used at your bar, club, or restaurant, or it could be used as a giveaway by any business or organization – not necessarily just those dealing with beer! Everyone always needs an opener, right?


Whatever your beer-related needs on International Beer Day, and every day, then here at EverythingBranded we’ve got something for you. Simply browse our website and find items you’re interested in, and then contact our helpful team for a quote! Cheers!

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