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Bamboo Promotional Products

25th March 2019 in Green & Eco-Friendly

Help your brand stand out by supporting Earth Day this year and contributing to a cleaner environment with bamboo products.

EverythingBranded USA takes a closer look at our range of printed bamboo products.

There is a high demand for bamboo across the world, for it's marble-like texture, strength and durability. Bamboo is  a sustainable product and the fastest growing plant on earth. Relies only upon natural rainfall, producing up to 35% more oxygen than trees and helps to offset carbon dioxide emissions. Essential for the environment, bamboo can help fight climate change, prevent soil erosion and flooding. One of the strongest materials on earth, an ideal material to replace wood used in many buildings. Also, it can be made into a range of products from pens, flash drives  and plant pots.

"The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists." – Japanese Proverb

Bamboo contributes to many health benefits such as weight loss and a boosted immune system. A common food throughout Asia, enjoyed by both humans and animals with very little fat and calories.


It's estimated Americans throw away 1.6 billion disposable pens, any with plastic or metal are difficult to recycle. Taking hundreds of years for a single pen to decompose. By switching to a wooden pen like bamboo they'll be easy to dispose of and reuse in the future. By giving out these Eco pens at any events you'll be showing your customers you care about the environment and creates an opportunity to engage in conversation.


Our bamboo notebooks have a large branding area for your business logo and message. More attractive than your standard paper notebook and is sure to be enjoyed by your customers and employees. Perfect for any environmentally friendly charities or brands wanting to show they care about the environment.

EverythingBranded USA offers a wide range of bamboo products. Check out some of our favorites…  

EverythingBranded provide unlimited free visuals from our in-house design team to ensure your logo or brand message is printed to your specific requirements.

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