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National Cook for Your Pets Day

1st November 2018 in Days of the year

November 1 is National Cook for Your Pets Day, give your pet a break from the usual kibbles and treat them to a lovely homecooked meal. They won’t judge your culinary skills, so give it a go! The national day was created by cookforyourpets.com to get owners to pay more attention to their pet’s nutrition. Did you know that commercial dog foods are prepared using processing methods which destroy nutrients in the ingredients? This means your pet may not be getting the healthy nutrients they need. You may be thinking this will take up a lot of time, which isn’t true there are recipes that take less than 20 minutes.

Benefits of cooking for your pet

  • Avoid your pet ingesting additives and preservatives
  • You can enjoy a meal together
  • Easier to change your pets’ diet if any health problems
  • Improve your own cooking skills
  • A healthier and happier pet

Before you cook

Consult with your vet and get an understanding of what your pet’s nutrition needs are. Also do your own research online and look at any recipes you could make. Make sure to avoid ingredients like chocolate, citrus, dairy, nuts and uncooked meat. Remember to introduce new foods to your pet gradually and avoid seasoning completely.

Recipes ideas

This holiday isn’t just for cats and dogs! You can even cook for your horse, guinea pig, rabbit and many more. Here are some pawsome recipes to honor your pet with. Check out our huge range of printed pet accessories here. EverythingBranded.com offer promotional products perfect for any national days or events. Contact our experienced Account Managers at 1800-586-1615 or head to our homepage if you would like to discuss your marketing campaign and receive advice on the perfect promotional product for you.

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