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National Camping Month: Are you Ready?

24th June 2022 in Camping & outdoors

Leaving behind our daily routines and the stresses of our lives is something we all need to do from time to time. Pitching up a tent and enjoying the great outdoors is a special way to do just that.

Every June since the 1970s, America has celebrated National Camping Month. It’s a time for summer camps, and it’s when families and other folks focus on being outside and feeling the benefits of connecting with the wonders of nature – even if that means camping in a backyard.

A big lesson campers learn early on is to always be prepared. Planning is key. This means taking a range of tools and accessories on any trip. At EverythingBranded we offer a massive selection of branded camping tools and accessories which will help you connect with campers and get your message out there into the wild alongside them. You can raise awareness of your product, brand, or service whether you’re a high school, college, scout group, youth group or outdoor activity group for adults.

You could be a brand or organization looking to reach these groups too. Whichever it is, with branded camping tools you can create a really useful way of promoting your brand or organization.

It could be the branded multi-purpose knife or promotional multi-tool they use to open a tin of food, or it could be the printed collapsible cup or cutlery used during meals. It could be the customizable compass they use to check direction, or it could be the personalized flashlight they use to light their way. It could be the fold-up chair they use to sit and chill, or it could be the branded sleeping bag they settle in for the night.

There are so many opportunities to use printed camping tools to carry your brand or logo to reach out to campers – almost any item you can think of.

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